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Poll: What do you do for a living?
mel07430 posted:
I wish I was a SAHM but unfortunately we cannot afford that right now. My DH and I both work in IT. I am a helpdesk manager and I also manage our Blackberry Server and devices for our entire company both in the US and International. I know..BORING right? LOL

I always wanted to be a teacher or a nurse. I took the state PRAXIS test this summer for Elementary Education (K-5) and passed but right not we cannot afford for me to switch careers. Sadly it would be a large pay cut. Teachers should be the highest paid considering what they do!!!

Anyway...for those of you who work what do you do?
bethb1974 responded:
well i was a medical lab tech until #3 came along. now i am a sahm.
alliegirl77 responded:
I am an HR Manager who really dislikes people...just kidding. It's been one of those days where I do question if some of my people passed the 4th grade though.
gemini5324 responded:
I am in corporate training as well as being in nursing school. I really dislike my job, so I cant wait to graduate.
Erica0731 responded:
I work part time as a Physical Therapist Assistant.
mamatobe08 responded:
I'm a SAHM and just a month ago became a Creative Memories consultant. I still get to stay at home with him most of the time, but get out a few hours a week to do parties.
leftcoastgirl responded:
I work in PR / marketing.
deatons responded:
I'm a CAD modeler/designer at a very well known faucet company. I LOVE my job! I would only ever leave if they made me, or if I had the option to be a SAHM/WAHM.
mel07430 responded:
Megan-I have considered Nursing School as well. The college that I graduated from has a great program but it is 5 days a week 8 hrs for 1 year. No can do right now...
lenono97 responded:
I stay home two days a week. The other three days a week I am a hospital social worker.
EwaldMT responded:
I am an office assistant. Which is a secretary. DH has been encouraging me to go back to school (he wants me to make more $). I am considering it.
phymrtn responded:
I am a school nutrition director for a k-12 school system.
I am a Medical assistant for the last 3yrs and currently I work for a psychiatrist. lol I have always wanted to work in the medical field. I want to go back to school eventually to become a nurse...
roni090909 responded:
am a WAH Mommy. I am a Manager of Finance for a company in the health insurance industry. Basically I do accounting, working on all kinds of financial reporting and budgets. In November of last year I went part time working from home and I love it. I am know I am very blessed with this opportunity and I love it. I am just enjoying it while I can.
daisy729 responded:
I'm a research specialist/data manager for a research group at a major university. I'm basically a computer nerd and do some programming and run statistical analyses for my group.

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