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slammed door on finger
Tiffany52353 posted:
ok so my 1 1/2 year old slammed the shower door on her finger on friday night by saturday the nail was purple and today the area just below the cuticle is swollen. i didnt take her to the doctor because everythime i take her to the doctor they ALWAYS tell me i over exaggerate and im really embarrased to go. is it normal for the finger to swell 3 days later. thanks
TanyaJP responded:
i'm not sure...mine has usually swollen right away. i guess it's possible though. how about calling the pedi and just talking to the nurse so that you don't actually have to go in. i can't believe they make you feel bad about going in though...that's unprofessional.
ryanandleigh responded:
Hmm...I would expect it to swell immediately. I think a call to the nurse line would be in order. It couldn't hurt. I always hate taking them in when it is nothing and usually the nurse is a good judge about whether they need to be seen.
smatusiak responded:
Kayla did that recently. DH said she hardly cried so we didn't think much of it. A few days later it turned purple. The day or so after that it swelled up really big and it looked like the nail was separating from the skin. We were actually back and forth about calling the doctor, but then one day I noticed it was oozing. I squeezed it and got the liquid out. After that, the swelling went down and the color went back to normal. The nail did end up falling off. That was around Christmas and the nail is almost regrown now. I'd probably just keep an eye on it, but considering what happened with Kayla, I wouldn't rush to the doctor.
linzuh04 responded:
DD got mad last summer and kicked a carseat we had just taken out of the car. Her toenail turned purple (from the blood) and was swollen for awhile. The nail JUST grew out enough to where the blood came out. Her toenail was purple from June-January! Supposedly you are supposed to make a small hole in the nail to let the blood out, but of course no one told me until now :sillygrin:
TanyaJP responded:
you know now that i think about it...the last time i did something like this (slammed my finger in my car door), it did seem to keep swelling up days after and that was from the blood. and someone told me to poke a hole in the nail to get the blood out and relieve the pain from the swelling and it did nail did eventually come off though.

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