profile pic
mrsbeasley123 posted:
I'm having trouble with editing my pic. I can upload but I can't move the edit box around the pic. Any thoughts?!?!?!
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Mrs. Beasely!
What IP are you using? IE? FF? AOL? I use FF and have had no problem with that, I wonder if anyone on another internet provider is having problems? Did you do all these steps?
To the left, see "my exchange Profile." Click on that, it will bring you to options where you can add wording and upload a pics. Pic a picture from your computer and upload. Preferably a .JPG file. Then upload. I know you understand what you are doing, I just wondered if you missed something, or maybe it is the IP.
If all else fails, please feel free to write to but please be very patient waiting for a response, I know they are very busy! Make sure you include what IP you are using. I hope that helps and I'm sorry for any inconvenience! It's frustrating....