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Bday Party Question
earleyml1012 posted:
Next weekend we?ve been invited to our friend?s DD?s 1st bday party. Our friend is a nanny for another little girl who is the same as her DD, so the bday party is combined for both of them. We?ve never met the other little girl and the party is at her house since it?s bigger. So my question is, what is expected as far a presents? Is it appropriate for us to just bring a present for the little girl that we know or should we bring something for the other little girl too? I know that the girls are too young to understand that the presents weren?t even but what about the parents? DH thinks we should just bring a gift for the one but I was wondering what other parents felt. Thanks for any suggestions!
TanyaJP responded:
I agree with your dh. my friend had a similar situation as yours. she was invited to her friend's kid's party and it was combined with her sister's 2 kids. when my friend emailed to get her child's sizes and such, she sent her sizes of ALL the kids. so my friend felt obligated to buy for all of them even though she didn't know the other kids. i think that's very rude to expect that. i would never expect someone to buy my child something if they didn't know him.
kristinrayerootes responded:
If you don't know the other little girl, I don't think they would/should expect that you will bring her a gift. If you really feel obligated, maybe you could find a $5 gift (maybe a book) for her?
lenono97 responded:
I woulnd't feel obligated to buy a gift for anyone you don't know. I would only buy a gift for the little you girl you know.
Tweety52076 responded:
Well, that is a tough situation. What I would do is what the other poster suggested. Buy a nice gift for the girl you know and bring something small for the girl you don't know like a book or maybe crayons and a coloring book. I think it's weird to conjoin parties when attendees don't know both kids but whatever....I would feel guilty not buying at least something small for the other kid.
MandyMartinez83 replied to Tweety52076's response:
I agree with pp. Buy something small for the other girl. Those dollar stores usually have some nice stuff and pretty cheap. Like they say, its the thought that counts!!!
DDK2005 responded:
I'm actually guilty of doing this. My niece & DD are only 2 wks apart & it seemed silly for us to have 2 seperate parties within a week of eachother for the majority of the same people. So what we did was do invites with both the girls names on it for the people who knew both (45 people) & would have been invited to both parties & then seperate invites with my DD's name (only 12 people). I didn't want anyone feeling obligated to buy my niece or my DD a gift if they didn't know them. Some people know we are doing a combined party & for the record i wouldn't expect anyone to bring a gift for Ava if they were coming for my niece. If you feel weird not bringing the girl a gift, a lil gift like a book or something is more then suffice. HTH....

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