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    who is still bfing? Need help weaning!
    almostthere2317 posted:
    Uggh I couldn't find you guys forever. I do not like what webmd did to the exchanges! Anyway now that I found you I need some advice. I'm pregnant again, and my dd is a year old. I need to wean her from nursing because it really is a comfort thing for her now more than nutritional, my milk supply is basically gone and I have no energy at all. I feel so guilty though. I've tried giving her her sippy cup before bed and she throws it on the floor. The only way she will go to sleep for me is if she nurses herself to sleep and I know this a habit I need to break. Any suggestions? She has cut back to only nursing in the morning and at night. She weaned herself from her pacifier at 7 months. It's killing me. HELP if you can :)
    Thanks a million!
    AMCMSM3 responded:
    I had to wean my DD off the boob onto a bottle then to a cup.
    MontanaMama2009 responded:
    I had a friend who nursed the older child even after the younger was born.

    And my kids always weaned themselves, at their own pace, or else my body would just quit making milk and so they stopped.

    But I totally understand your dd's connection and need for nursing at night, especially if she falls asleep while doing so.

    Could you just let her continue? I mean, perhaps the exhaustion is not so much from her nursing but from your new pg?

    Here's a link from La Leche League on weaning a toddler during pregnancy.

    I just want to say good luck to you.
    Silver623 responded:
    Is there anyway that your SO could put her to bed at night for awhile? If it's really just for comfort then I'd look at it the same as if taking a 1 year old off the bottle. Some are attached and it's not easy but you might just have to stop and she will CIO.
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    I'm still BFing a 20-month-old. I'm curious about what MontanaMama asked. If she's doing it for comfort, perhaps you could just keep going? Obviously it's up to you.

    My LO nursed to sleep for her first 18 months, but she recently changed her habits. Now, I nurse her for a bit at night and then lie down with her while she falls asleep. It was a painless transition because she did it on her own. I'm a big fan of allowing LO to progress at her own pace for things like this because it makes for fewer battles and less stress.
    KCAimee replied to leftcoastgirl's response:
    I agree about having your SO put her to bed a few nights in a row. You will probably have to leave the house completely. I weaned my LO at 14 mo and I just slowly cut out a nursing session every 4-5 days. The last one to go was before bed. She really did better than I thought she would. Good luck!

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