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    Awful diaper rash :(
    mamatobe08 posted:
    Charlie has been refusing the potty often. He used to only poop in his diaper a couple times a week--now we're lucky if he gets a few in the potty a week. Last night he had pooped his diaper so Drew was changing him and he was SCREAMING and clenching his butt so we couldn't check it out, but we got a little A & D on him and put him to bed. I forgot about it until just now when I was changing a poopy diaper and saw the inside of his leg. It's not even at the normal "diaper rub" spot but down a little. It looks like a hickey/rug burn. It's AWFUL and I feel terrible! I'm glad I stocked up on large cloth diapers today. I'm keeping him naked the rest of the night and giving him a nice long bath.

    Is A&D the best thing to use for a rash this bad? He seriously NEVER had a bad rash before, I can't believe it's happening now when we change him often and he had been out of diapers completely a month or 2 ago.
    AWoods1985 responded:
    My DD had a very bad diaper rash and I tried everything. I like you change her often and as soon as I smell she pooped I changed her. My problem was that she was going like 5-6 times a day, so that wasnt helping. I tried a couple different diaper rash cream and some made it worse, so one day I just tried vaseline. It worked for her. Of course it didnt heal it really quickly but way better than the other creams did. I think what it did was protect it so it had a chance to heal. HTH and I hope your LO starts to feel better soon.

    mtlmayhem responded:
    Honestly, when DS gets a diaper rash, the best thing that has worked for us is to dab it with a wipe, air dry it a little, then a generous amount of vaseline, and a little plain old corn starch... which is also found in baby powder...

    Any diaper rash specialty creams only made matters worse- so we would avoid any product with any amount of ZINC in it... it tore up DS`s little tush as in broke the skin...

    I hope Charlie`s rash clears up soon!
    roni090909 responded:
    Butt Paste always works great for us. I have also heard to use aquaphor or like PP said Vaseline.

    Becareful what you use with the cloth diapers, I can't remember if A&D is one of the ones that's okay. There is a thread about this on the cloth diaper exchange. I think its under parenting.
    wilburlbh responded:
    could be a yeast infection & you need perscribed medicine from your prolly make an appt.
    mamatobe08 replied to wilburlbh's response:
    Oh hmm I didn't think about a yeast infection. I will call the pedi today and see what they say. It did start to scab over yesterday in some spots(there are 3 patches of this rugburn appearance). He has been naked most of the time and just loose fitting pants when we go out. It does seem to be helping him get back on track with using the potty! I even put him down naked for his nap yesterday and he stayed dry!
    KCAimee replied to mamatobe08's response:
    Is it bumps? My understanding is that yeast is bumps (like little pimples). If it's like rug burns like you described in your OP then that doesn't sound like yeast.
    mamatobe08 replied to KCAimee's response:
    Yeah, no bumps except a few on the actual butt. The bad part is down his leg where the diaper rubs and it looks like rug burn.
    mamatobe08 replied to mamatobe08's response:

    Attempting to post a picture here...I just took this today. This is down the inside of his leg above the knee. If it doesn't post, here's the link
    KCAimee replied to mamatobe08's response:
    He has it down by his knee? I was thinking it was all on his bum area. Hmmm...that pic looks like rashes we've had before when Hayden has eaten some really acidic fruits (gets her every time!) but it's always in her diaper area. It will go all the way to the end of her diaper area on her legs but never outside of it.

    Does it look better? From that pic it looks like it's healing?
    Tweety52076 responded:
    Poor little kid. What worked for us in the past is after each diaper change, putting Aquafor really thick on then putting Desitin on...the layering cleared it up quickly and added an extra layer of protection.
    TyPatrick08 replied to mamatobe08's response:
    Aquaphor works great and has so many good uses its a little pricey but with being able to use in so many different ways its worth it! Same thing a vasaline but its a little more "breathable" to heal, You only need to use a tiny amount spreads well! Aww I hope Charlies hine gets better!
    mamatobe08 replied to KCAimee's response:
    No sorry, I wasn't very clear--it's not all the way to his knee. The top of that picture is right by the crease of the leg and butt, then the bottom of the picture is about halfway between there and his knee. The 3rd spot is right outside of where the diaper would normally rub, but it is probably covered if the diaper gets soaked overnight. The bad spot(in the middle of the picture) is where the diaper normally sits. I feel awful and I hate that it came up out of nowhere! Thursday night there was nothing, and Friday morning it looked like that!

    We do have Aquaphor, I will try that too. I haven't put anything besides Vaseline on it yet because I'm so afraid anything else is going to hurt him!
    KCAimee replied to mamatobe08's response:
    LOL! I was wondering how in the heck he got it by his knee! I would definitely give the aquaphor a shot. Lots of mamas swear by it.

    Did he eat anything acidic Thursday? When Hayden's has been really bad it has been instant too. Pineapple and oranges get her.
    mamatobe08 replied to KCAimee's response:
    No, he hasn't had any more oranges than usual. Actually it's been about a week since he had any oranges. And we haven't had pineapple in a while. The only recently new thing he has had is peanut butter but the first time he had that was over 2 weeks ago.

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