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mamabrat05 posted:
Ok ladies this is completely off topic and i feel so embarassed asking. So i want to get a pedicure done but i havent shaved in a little over a week. So my legs arent nice and smooth to say the least. I want to get a pedicure done but i feel so bad going without shaving, but i read the other day that shaving before you go is one way you get all those nasty disease's. So would you go anyways or would you wait until you shaved and go another day?
Tweety52076 responded:
IMHO - shave before you go. But, again that is what I would do. If I get a pedicure....haven't had one is a year though....I would shave before I go.
mel07430 responded:
I have read that too. They say not to shave first because you can get a fungus or something. I have gong without I really care what the pedicure girl thinks of me? LMAO
I have heard that as well and I have gone to get a pedi with my legs not so smooth. lol Its not worth the risk and like pp said who cares what the pedi girl thinks, if its so bad then dont massage my Its tickles anyways haha
mamabrat05 responded:
Thanks...i think im def gonna go! I was gonna wait until sunday but i wanna get out of the house!
DDK2005 responded:
Ok IMHO - shave...I have been getting pedicures for years on a regular basis and have never gotten an infection or fungus...(eeewww). I wouldn't worry about it. Of course if you're comfortable pulling up your pant legs & showing off your sexy hairy legs (LOL - Im teasing here) then by all means go for it. Believe me the pedicure people have seen it all, so it probably won't bother them.

Though once my sister went without shaving & the pedi girl told her that she should shave next time - I almost fell off my seat laughing & of course my sister was mortified, but we're easy going so and the girls know us...we had a good laugh!!
MISSBUBBLEYAJG replied to mamabrat05's response:
Yeah def go and enjoy!! Dont let unshaven legs stop you! hehe
cyn22mull responded:
Last time I had a pedicure the lady told me not to shave 2 days before I come....I have sensitive skin and my legs would always break out with razor burn in the middle of the pedicure. I say go and enjoy it.
leftcoastgirl responded:
The place I go to recommends not shaving the day of your pedicure b/c your skin will be sensitive, and it's uncomfortable when they do the exfoliation scrub on your legs.

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