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OT kidney stones?
fotogirl525 posted:
Ok so this is aboutme, not my LO. Hope thats ok but I need opinions. About a month or two ago I had sharp pains in my lower left side. It lasted maybe a week. My periods are also irregular since LO was born so I figured it was something to do with that. Then Sunday they started again. My DH said my face got really red and I was feeling light headed. So we went to the er (great Mothers Day). They checked my blood pressure and did bloodwork and found nothing. Then did a CT scan and said I had a small kidney stone. It had already passed and was in my bladder. They gave me a pain killer into my iv. It made me feel horrible and sick. Today, 2 days later I am still nautious and dizzy. Do you all think its from the pain killer or from the stone that maybe hasnt come out yet? I now think maybe a couple months ago I had one too. I am so tired of feeling sick and to top it off I am at work:(
KatieS83 responded:
I would be willing to say the stone hasnt passed yet, Pain killers dont typically stay in the system that long. Although it could residual from the pain killer, i'm more leaning into the stone not passing. Those IV pain killers can make you nauseous, but it usually goes away within 30 minutes or so depending on how sensitive you are. Hope you feel better soon!
fotogirl525 replied to KatieS83's response:
Katie thanks for the answer! This really isn't fun...I never knew how bad it could be!
KatieS83 replied to fotogirl525's response:
Kidney stones are the worst! I used to get them all the time, knock on wood its been years since i've had one last, I wouldnt wish them on my worst enemy (special circumstances would apply of course) LOL. I feel your pain, I truly hope you feel better soon. You will know the second you pass it, its pretty uncomfortable, but the relief that follows is like Heaven!
NewCarr1 responded:
My dad and my brother both gets kidney stones. I can see that it's terrible! I'm sorry you have them too. :( Did your doctor say anything about your diet? My dad has high levels of something called oxalate, which can be found in his favorite foods: strawberries, peanuts, chocolate and broccoli... which is probably why those levels were high. Oxalate does something with calcium to cause kidney stones. Here's a website... that might help.

Ugh. I really hope you feel better soon. :(
linzuh04 responded:
I'm so sorry! I'm a sufferer too. The last time I had one was when I was 35 wks pregnant with DD. I was in the hossy too, and it does seem to take awhile for the effects of things to wear off, but if you arent in too much pain, count your blessings.
fotogirl525 responded:
Thanks everyone! And the er doctor said something about change in diet and not drinking sodas.....ugh no coke! That is my weakness like coffee is to others:) I will check out that website.

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