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OT What do you think?
sarahann1978 posted:
It's a little slow here so I thought I would ask a personal question. Is it rude to re-do a homemade gift?

My brother and SIL made me a decorative birthday calendar for the wall, it's basically a nice long (12") thin piece of wood with twelve wooden hearts on it with the months. You add dangling hearts under the month with the persons name and birthday. They gave it to me shortly after I graduated from college and they had the hearts painted with my college colors alternated.

Now 6 years later I'm married and DH went to a rival college with different colors, so when I added his families hearts I painted them his color. It recently got knocked off the wall and a couple of the hearts fell off so I need to re-glue it anyway and I'm thinking I would like to paint all of the hearts blue which was our main wedding color.

Is that rude though, do you think they will be offended when they come to visit and see that I re-did their gift?

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ad1978 responded:
No, not rude at all. In fact, at first I misunderstood and thought you were asking if it was rude to REGIFT this...and even then I though that would be fine!! lol
lenono97 responded:
In this circumstance I don't think it would be rude at all. Sounds appropriate that a gift like this should "change with the times."
DDK2005 responded:
Actually I think its great that you're updating it - if I were them i would be happy that you liked my gift so much that you're making it your own. its been 6 years - go for it!!! Im sure they'll love it too!
jlynnpaine replied to DDK2005's response:
I agree! I think it's very neat that you're updating it and I think they will be touched that you have continued to use it. I think it's a great idea.
daisy729 responded:
After 6 years, you obviously have shown them that you like and appreciate the gift. And, by painting it colors that suit your tastes now, it shows that you want to continue to use the gift they made you. So, I don't think it's rude at all!
Silver623 responded:
I agree with PP, in this situation it's more of a compliment to them that you are updating it so that it matches your current situation. I'd probably excitedly point it out to them when they came over next!
cheeezie25 responded:
No, don't think it is rude at all! The fact that you still even have a homemade gift from over 6 years ago speaks for itself regarding your original appreciation for the gift. Part of me would doubt that your brother would even notice that you changed the color of the hearts (men, ya know), so I wouldn't hesitate to put a new touch on it. HTH!
sarahann1978 responded:
Thanks everyone, I feel a lot better about going ahead and painting it!

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