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A little vent about Father's Day
bgabert posted:
DH decided he is going golfing ALL day on Sunday.
Umm.. Emery is the reason you are a father, should you be spending the day with her???

Kinda irks me, I spent Mother's Day cleaning the house and playing with the whole reason I got a gift on that day! I wouldn't have had it any other way though, so don't think I'm complaining.

I just don't understand why he would want time away from her on the one day that is just for him and her!!
Bri (24), DH (28), Emery (1), Baby 2 EDD 2/14/2011
lenono97 responded:
Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with that. I think Mothers/Fathers day can also be a time for the parent to enjoy some rest and relaxation. I would actually encourage my husband if that's how he wanted to spend it, especially when the kids are this young. I will probably feel different when they are older and can understand what the day means. But I am sorry if it upsets you. You could still make a special dinner or breakfast.
jlynnpaine responded:
That would bug me a bit too. I could see going for a little while and still spending time with the family. I hope you were able to spend some time together.
breezy_83255 responded:
It wouldn't bug me if I got to spend mother's day at the spa and reading a book in solitude, but we all know that will never happen!! I, like you, spent Mother's Day with my beautiful girls and my DH- the reasons I get to celebrate the day at all. My DH did the same thing. I think a day filled with rest, relaxation, and a healthy dose of family time is what the day is all about- you have a right to be upset. Did he actually spend the day golfing, or did he decide against it in the end?
bgabert replied to breezy_83255's response:
Nope, he left at 9:30 (Emery got to spend a whopping 25 minutes with him in the morning).

Didn't get back until 4. Sure, he wasn't gone ALL day, but when he got home he whined about what we were having for dinner, and played with Emery for an hour. I tried to talk him into going for a walk or a bike ride after dinner, to no avail.

So, Emery and I went for an hour long bike ride all around town while he stayed home and cleaned the house.

Bri (24), DH (28), Emery (1), Baby 2 EDD 2/14/2011
jlynnpaine replied to bgabert's response:
Well hey, at least he cleaned the house. I know that it sucks but in the end, it's his loss. I try to remember that when my DH is being selfish or doesn't help out with DD as much as I think he should. He's the one paying for it because she prefers me over him every time. Not that he's a bad father at all but just that he doesn't put in the time and effort that I do and it shows.
bgabert replied to jlynnpaine's response:
You are so right, jlynn.

Emery is the exact same way, I'm the favorite parent, lol.

Thanks, you made my whining and sniveling a lot better, haha!
Bri (24), DH (28), Emery (1), Baby 2 EDD 2/14/2011
jlynnpaine replied to bgabert's response:
Silver623 replied to jlynnpaine's response:
You are so right. And LOs won't let them forget it. My DH is a good dad, he is home with the kids 2 days a week while I am at work. However, once I walk in the door it is all MOMMY. I do every single bath. I play with them during every spare second I have, even if it means laundry and dinner dishes have to get done at 10 at night. DS actually tells me and DH that he loves mommy but not daddy. DH thinks it's because DS is a momma's boy and DD will be all about Daddy, but I don't know how it will be any different when I am the one who does everything for them. DH is waiting for the kids to be old enough to go out and play catch with him or throw the football. I hope they still want to once they get that old. It's sad and unfortunately though it does hurt the kids. They totally know that mommy wants to spend every second with them while daddy doesn't.
ad1978 replied to jlynnpaine's response:
ha, the clean house part was what stuck out to me too!!

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