Kades_mom2010 posted:
So my son and I are going on vacation next week with my family. My mom continues to tell me to get Tylenol or something to give him to sleep on the plane. Have any of you done this? and is it a good idea?
roni090909 responded:
I have given tylenol or benedryl in the past. I don't really think it does anything. How old is your DS? Mine would sleep no problem on a plane until about 16 months.

I recommend lots of snacks. You could try the munchkin snack cups with some cheerios in them. Also, bring some small toys and introduce them one at a time.
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surferchick41319 replied to roni090909's response:
I took my daughter on a flight to TX last year, She did really well the only time when she was a little off what when the plan took off I talked to her Dr before we left and he said to give her a pacificer or a bottle when we took off that it relieves the pressure on the ear like gum does for ours. I did that on both the landing and take off and she did great when in flight just had lots of snacks and little toys for her to play with.
Myfirstbaby22 responded:
I've given benedryl to my DD for trips and it never really helped. My daughter loves my iPhone. That worked for me. We were able to draw and play games...even watch some videos. I don't know how bad it is that my almost 2 year old is already hooked on technology!
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Silver623 responded:
We took DS on a cross country flight the day after he turned 2 and I did not give him any benadryl or anything like that. He slept when he was tired and the rest of the time we kept him occupied with the DVD player, snacks and toys. Just a warning, some kids have the opposite effect with Benadryl and get hyper....
lenono97 responded:
We used benedryl on a flight we took in January. I think it worked. My DD slept for an hour after she took it. She was 13 months at the time. Not sure she would have slept without it. Too many distractions and things to look at.
elegi23 responded:
Up untill last month DD and I would fly once a month. I've been able to take short trips for work, so now I can just leave her at home (w DH of course.) She does great on the plane. She sleeps and only got grumpy once when we were sitting on the runway waiting for them to change a blown tire. She knows what flying is. Make sure you bring a sippy/bottle for take off and landing for air pressure change. It hurts their ears like hell and I know DD doesn't know to swallow. I bring snacks and a few toys. She's also been awake during flights, when we had to get off the plane and run thru atlanta to get to our next flight on time, and we were so stressed out she was awake the entire time. The flight attendents are usually amazing. She's usually been either the only baby, or at least the cutest (IMO), but the flight attendents have always offered to walk her up and down the aisles if she gets fussy. They're on a plane and we're at least 2 miles in the air, where are they gonna go? We usually take express flights. They are cheaper, and in spurts. I really don't mind connections as long as I have an hr between flights.