Funny DD story
magsnemma posted:
I'm not sure how funny this will come across when written, but DD was hilarious this weekend. To give you the setting, we went hiking this weekend with a bunch of friends, it was a 3-mile hike one way to an overlook. We got to the overlook and there were two women there, probably in their early 20's. One of them was wearing super-short boy shorts (like bathing suit short) and a little bitty tank top with hiking boots, hat, etc. (This is relevant btw).

So DD and I are hanging out in some shade eating lunch and the girls get up to head back. As they start to walk by, this is the conversation I had with DD:

DD: Mommy, she have hat?
Me: Yep, she has a hat on.
DD: She have shoes on?
Me: Yep, she has shoes on.
DD: Mommy, she nice girl?
Me: I'm sure she's a nice girl. (The girls could hear us and started laughing.)
DD: Mommy, she naked?
Me: Started to laugh and couldn't give her an answer right away.

Moral of the story: If a small child thinks you're naked, perhaps it's time to think about some longer shorts?

It was really funny because she was so innocent about it.
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bgabert responded:
Hahahahaha, I would have died laughing too!
And then agreed with DD, "Yeah, Honey, she's pretty much naked!"
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ad1978 responded:
ha! I don't think the woman was wearing anything wrong (hey, she's young and was exercising)...but it is very funny what young children say, and how loud they say it!
earleyml1012 responded:
HAHA!! That's awesome. Did you expect to have your first embarrassing story so soon? I sure didn't and here's mine.

DD gets a paper from daycare everyday. Side 1 shows what they ate, how much, diaper changes and naps. Side 2 normally shows what they did/learned during the day. Well last week DD's paper on side one said Note for Mom: Over. It starts out saying how adorable DD is and that she's never met a child like her. She continues to tell me what happened today. She was holding DD and she grabs the DCP's chest and says "Kennedy's boobies!" then lefts her shirt and says "Squishy belly!" I about died reading that. Luckily I wasn't there but I still felt embarrassed!! At least the DCP took it well.
jlynnpaine responded:
Haha! That is too cute.
ad1978 replied to earleyml1012's response:
ha, that is cute, too.

My LO likes to pull down my shirt and look for the mole I have right in between my breasts (TMI?). She calls them boobies. Well, she ended up doing this at a (public) bbq this weekend, and I have to quickly pull my shirt back up! Funny part is, I didn't even BF, but she still is interested in talking about them!
elegi23 responded:
Haha! That's really cute. Kids are so innocent and cute with the things they come up with.
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