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Rainy day activities
ad1978 posted:
Yesterday was a long day! Our plans to go to the park were ruined by all day rain.

Here are a few things we did to entertain LO while stuck inside.

What are your rainy day suggestions?

- played with playdough
- colored
- played with stickers
- pretended to "go to school" while dragging around a backpack
- climbed on a mountain of pillows
- threw around a ball
- played with lots of toys
- read lots of books
- watched a little tv
magsnemma responded:
It doesn't rain very much here but it's so hot that there are times it might as well be raining. Here are some of my suggestions in addition to yours:

  • Indoor tent - It's a sun tent we got as a gift but DD likes to run in and out, and put her babies inside
  • She walks her dog (Pillowpet) with an old dog collar and my dog's leash. Surprising how long it lasts
  • I clear out an area and let her run in circles around the dining room table
  • Play music and dance (also involves spinning lol)
  • I hide things under blankets and try to get her to find them
  • Takes her babies places in the shopping cart she has. Usually she takes them to the "library"
Me (32), DH (32), DD (born Nov 2008)
cyn22mull responded:
Lurking....Those are good ideas. We do all that you mentioned. I have a few to add.

Finger paint - Kind of messy but I put some newspaper down and put him in his booster seat and let him go at it.

I put a blanket or sheet over the kitchen table and we play under it....usually read or color but its something different andhe loves it.

I put in a kids CD and we dance. Sometimes we just run back and forth he loves to be chased.

Go for a drive or to wal-mart/target just to get out of the house.

If its going to be a washout both Saturday and Sunday I will bring his slide in for an hour or so. (We have a fold up slide so its easy to move arround, just takes up a lot of room in the living room)

One time I took him to the mall to play in the play area, but everyone else had that idea and it was too crowded.
Cindy (34) DH (38) DS Christopher 2 5-26-08
Silver623 responded:
Well if it's not storming and not too cold, we'll put on boots and rain coats (or bathing suits in the summer) and play in the rain. My kids LOVE doing that.

I love baking so I often do baking projects that they can help with. Most often ones that involve decorating.....sugar cookies, cupcakes, regular cakes. My DS still loves to help me bake.

Ever since I saw it on J&K 8 I've wanted to try finger painting with pudding because DD still puts everything in her mouth. DS uses regular finger paints and I give her crayons instead which she still tries to eat, lol.

We sometimes make cards for people. Seems I always have a sick relative. Or depending on the season we make holiday cards.

We have a play kitchen and a shopping cart, so we'll set up a grocery store complete with cash register and do our weekly shopping.

DS loves hide and go seek. DD just follows us around at this point, but she thinks it's hysterical.

Every once in a while, I'll move the cars out of the garage and let them ride bikes in there. I'd do it more often but DH and I don't sweep the garage out often enough!

Ugh, I hate rainy days and here comes winter, where it's dark by the time I get home at 4:30. :(
ad1978 replied to Silver623's response:
Great ideas from everyone--I will be printing this thread out for the next time. Thanks!

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