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    Child left in car
    earleyml1012 posted:
    On my lunch break I ran to a store and when I packed I heard a car alarm going off right across from me. I took a closer look and saw a little boy about 3 sitting in the passenger seat screaming with tears running down his face. I look a little closer and notice that there's no one in there with him. For a brief second, I was going to call the police but I thought I'd give the parent the benefit of doubt and going into the store to see if she/he could be paged. While I'm talking to an employee about it, the mom happened to be right there so she dropped her stuff and ran out to him. If we couldn't have found the parent, I was going to go back out and call the police. That just ticked me off!! He was so frightened. Who knows how long she was in the store. I don't even leave DD in the car alone to walk the 20+ steps to the library door to return a book. I was furious but I didn't have the guts to yell at her. WWYD?
    Emmyl responded:
    I don't know if I just notice it more, of if it's actually happening more, but where I live, just in the last couple of months, there's ben news reports of 3 or 4 people leaving small children in the car by themselves, with the car OFF and it's been close to 100 degrees! Of course, I don't care how hot or cool it is, you don't leave small children in the car by themselves! I try to be as nonjudgemental a person as I can, but more often I just think these people are stupid and self-centered. I can't stand it. I'd like to think I would tell the person off. And in my hormonal, impregnated state I probably actually would. But IDK if I would lose my nerve or not. But seriously, what are they thinking? I'm like you, I don't leave DS alone, anywhere, to go even just a few steps. A .lady on the news left her 3 year old daughter by herself at 1:00 in the morning to go dancing. A neighbor saw the child out in the middle of the road at 3 am. It's really infuriating.
    sarahaguirre responded:
    I don't know. I have a really big mouth when I'm upset and am not a good actress to have been decent to her. Did you see how much stuff was in her cart to kind of gauge how long she could have been in there? Where I live it's still hot so if a parent left their kid in the car I would have called 911 with out any hesitation. If I know DD is going to be a pain in my rear end I will not take her in any store. I just wait until DH comes home so I can then go grocery shopping or have him pick up whatever we need on the way home. Even if this kid was sleeping I don't see any excuse as to why she had to leave him in there. Even if she was just buying a gallon of milk.
    Me (27) DH (27) DD Stella born 3/10/2009 Baby Boy's EDD 1/28/11
    TyPatrick08 responded:
    WOW people just dont think!

    I probably would have stood by the side of the car and try talking to the little guy to calm him down. Wait 5 minutes no one shows up at the car I would be calling the police. Poor little guy.
    Me (23) DF (26) Tyler born 11-19-08 7lb9oz 20 1/2 inc 18 month check up 26lb 33in
    mamatobe08 responded:
    I would have called the police right away. IMO there is no excuse for it, and the police need to be notified. I don't know if they would dive deeper for more information or not, but if she leaves them in the car who knows what else she may do, and I think the police need to be aware. In many states it is illegal to leave your child in the car for any amount of time.

    I can not imagine something being more important than my child...I would never leave a 3 year old sitting in the car alone. It breaks my heart seeing how you described him. :(

    Earlier this summer, here, a mother left a child in their car because she was sleeping....for 2 hours. Umm...are you insane?!? The poor little girl died. I love a good baby nap, but I'm not going to leave him in the car by himself to ensure he gets a nap.
    earleyml1012 replied to sarahaguirre's response:
    She was exchanging something...I think b/c I saw her at customer service (it's at the front of the store). She did have stuff she was exchanging it for so who knows how long that took her. Today it's rainy and around 70s here, so it's not hot but I still thought it was stupid. Not to mention the car alarm drawing attention to the kid alone in the car.

    Last week, DD was sick so I took her to the pedi and on the way home I had to stop for medicine. She fell asleep in the car, so I took her out of her seat and carried her 25 lb sleeping body into the store. I didn't care that she was sleeping, there's no way she was staying unattended even for a few minutes. I figured if she woke up, she'd go back to sleep if she was tired enough and she did!

    I agree with PP that people are just self-centered. I look out for DD's well-being before my "comfort" of shopping. If I want to go alone, I wait until DH is around to watch her.
    elegi23 responded:
    That is crazy!!! I wouldn't go shopping and leave DD in the car. I know I've run inside one particular gas station to pay and left DD in the car before, but honestly that's only if I can see the car from inside the gas station. We live in a small town and there's one gas station with 2 pumps, never a line and they only take cash (they used to do full service, but they don't get enough business to do that anymore). Besides that, I've never left DD alone in the car. I won't go into a building where I can't see DD, and I'm paranoid someone will take her. I think the gas station is the exception but that's only because of the circumstances.

    All I think of is how many children have died for being left in the car on a hot day. :-( I remember reading an article, I think from Toronto, where this lady accidentally locked her keys in the car with her 6 week daughter in there too. Well, she called the police and they told her it would take 3 hours, and to just get a taxi to where she's going and they would call her back when they where there. So they sent her a taxi to pick her up, and luckily the taxi driver was able to get into the car with a hangar. That made me angry. I guess the dispatcher got in trouble, but that is a little ridiculous.
    Me (22), DH(30) DD Eleora Marylin 07/23/09 TTC2 (since 05/10)
    Silver623 responded:
    Some people will never learn! Every year kids die in the cars that their parents left them in. Why take unnecessary risks like that? Shopping with my 2 (4 and 18 mos) is a huge PITA, but it's gotta be done. DS (4) has actually asked to wait in the car! No way! So many things could happen, you just never know. So what if they are asleep, you carry them in or go home and go back out later. I would have stayed by the car and waited a few mins and then called the police. If something happened to that child, I'd never forgive myself for not waiting to make sure he was okay. I am not very confrontational but I probably would have commented that it's not safe to leave your kid in the car. I think people know the risks but think it won't happen to them.
    sarahann1978 responded:
    I would have called the police, and not even gone in looking for the mom. She is lucky you gave her the benefit of the doubt. That is way too little to be left alone whether it's hot or not. He could have gotten all kinds of hurt, or kidnapped.

    Good for you for looking out for him!
    Sarah (31), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)
    Poisongirl98 responded:
    Just about every time I go to this daycare/school where I see one of clients for services, I see a little boy about 2 or 3 in his carseat with the car running. I guess this is a frequent occurence, that the parent leaves him in there while she drops off her older child. This is a nice school too. I'm sure other parents there know she does this as well. Since I am there for professional reasons, I don't think it's really the right time for me to say something to her. I guess that in her situation it's accepted by others, by I have a hard time with it.
    mol13 replied to Poisongirl98's response:
    I would think that with you being a professional, you could easily address the daycare provider about it. I think I would, if I were in a similar situation.

    It's a PITA sometimes with the kids to go in and out of places, but that's what you have to do, if you don't have someone to watch them. The furthest I'll go with the kids in the car is the 8 feet to return my shopping cart and even then sometimes I'll just leave it at my spot.

    It's good, though, that DS1 is finally strong enough where I can expect him to walk with me while I carry DS2. Or, in CostCo, there are two seats in every cart.
    Poisongirl98 replied to mol13's response:
    Unfortnately, I'm sure the school is aware of this already, as there have been other parents right there when she does this and teachers just inside the door, so unfortunately it looks like no one has said anything to her thus far and/or it's "accepted practice." If someone did say something to her, apparently she doesn't care. She must do this everytime she drops off her older child, as everytime I've seen that van there the child is always in the car, and he looks perfectly fine like he's used to that routine.
    mol13 replied to Poisongirl98's response:
    I dono...if other people are watching then it theoretically means that the kid is seen and not in immediate danger but even so, it just doesn't sit right.

    If the child in the car is really difficult for one reason or another, or maybe has a disability, who still find a way to get some definite supervision

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