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    Teen Mom-Investigation into Amber!
    mel07430 posted:
    I am so glad they are looking into her!!!
    elegi23 responded:
    Good. I'm glad. I'm hoping that they aren't doing it just to respond to the public outrage and they actually do something about it.
    Me (22), DH(30) DD Eleora Marylin 07/23/09 TTC2 (since 05/10)
    An_222962 responded:
    I can understand your feelings about Amber, She is not someone I would like to know, but I do not wish it upon even my worst ememy to lose their child. I do hope that she see's how others precieve her, I mean really see herself for what she is...and with cps intervening she gets the chance to better herself, If she is unwilling to change then thats another story. She is young and very immature (we all know that) I still dont wish for her to lose her baby. I wonder if you all agree with that? I mean imagine as a mother, you gave birth to your baby, you take care of your baby, stay up late nights...give alot of yourself to your child and then have complete stranger (that saw a whole 5 hours of your actual life edited together by some producers of a reality tv show over the course of a year) decide that your a terrible mother. I'm not sure its fair to make that judgement.
    roni090909 replied to An_222962's response:
    Personally I don't care to see her lose her child completely. I do think that until she gets help Leah needs to be taken away. I would like see Gary step up to the plate and Amber have supervised visitation. Currently Amber has no right being the full time care taker for that child. She pays zero attention to her. She definitely needs to take some anger management classes, she is a very angry person. I don't know if you saw any of the interviews after the episode aired but she didn't seem to see the severity of what she did, she kind of laughed it all off like what's the big deal. I think getting Leah taken away for a while might be the wake up call that she needs.

    In the end I would just like to see her get help and become a better person, not lose Leah completely. Right now she is just an awful person, at least what they show on TV.
    Me (30) DH (37) DS 10/20/08 New Baby Girl EDD 11/11
    elegi23 replied to An_222962's response:
    I think that just because CPS is involved doesn't mean she's going to get her child taken away. You know, thats the first response for caring, well-adjusted, good mothers like us. We work so hard to make sure our children are well taken care for, we pay attention to them, and I'm sure we don't hit our SO's, but to see something like hitting, screaming, not paying attention to your child, letting her scream so you can nap, kinda infuriates us (well, me at least).

    She needs to have that child taken away right at this moment, get help while getting supervised visits, and maybe get Leah back full time in the future. Even Mom's who's children are taken away because they never change their diaper, never feed them, care more about drugs, live in filth, always have a chance to get their children back as long as they complete the necessary steps, like parenting classes, rehab etc.... I think when I say, Amber needs to have her child taken away, its because she needs a wake up call. If she really loved Leah, which I'm sure she does, she will take a parenting class, anger management, and definitely get on some better meds (or off them completely).

    I'm sure MTV cut out a few things in the show, however, that behavior of Amber's was apparent from 16 & Pregnant. She was always screaming and angry. I'm sure that MTV picks and chooses what scenes they show, maybe theres a lot of Amber being a good Mom they didn't play, but the fact is, my marriage and family would be over if I acted like her. This is the second time she's attacked Gary, and the 1st time was in front of Leah.

    I will be the first to admit, I'm not the "perfect" parent but I could NEVER imagine treating my daughter like that. If MTV came and filmed my life, even on the worst day, I won't do anything like that. I love my daughter with my whole heart, and I may've worked a 14 hour shift, me and DH aren't getting along, I'm sick, have a migraine and am operating on 3 hours of sleep, but I will not scream at DD. I will take my time and play with her, read her a book, feed her, etc. DD does not deserve to have my life problems taken out on her.
    Me (22), DH(30) DD Eleora Marylin 07/23/09 TTC2 (since 05/10)
    mel07430 replied to An_222962's response:
    Honestly I do feel that she needs to have Leah taken away from her if even for the short term. I understand they piece together parts of her life for the show but even those little pieces show us that she is not ready and able to be the best parent she can be. Do I think she can in the future? Maybe but it will take alot of counseling, anger management and parenting classes.
    She has been abusive both physically and verbally to Gary in front of her daughter. Leah does not need to be part of that. She is a precious baby and desserves the best life she can get.
    No I cannot imagine having my DD taken from me but I also do not have to worry about that because I do not treat her like Amber treats Leah and I do not physically or verbally abuse my spouse. Yes we have had our moments and yelled at each other in front of her but nobody is perfect but there is a line to be drawn and not crossed...Amber continually crosses that line.
    Do I feel sorry for her? Maybe a little. She is young and immature and I dont know where her family stands in the situation as it always seems to be Gary's family they talk to. She doesnt seem to have any support but she also doesnt seem to care about her actions.
    Maybe I am harsh but so be it. Somebody needs to be the advocate for Leah and she sure isnt steppig up and Gary doesnt seem to be either (although he is getting better).
    DDK2005 replied to An_222962's response:
    I actually watched the show last night & was mortified. You are right having your child taken away from you would be a nightmare & I wouldn't wish it on any good parent out there, but come on - it's Leah that we need to watch uot for not Amber's feelings. I know that everyone thinks MTV is huge on editing, but you know what - MTV didn't punch Gary in the face or head numerous times or kick him while he was going down the stairs, or throw Leah in a crib (without sheets) just because she was crying, so Amber could take a nap (AGAIN!!!) If you want to blame editing then why are none of the other firls shown beating their significants, curing them out or completely ignoring their child.

    Gary is a victim of domestic violence I think he needs help and counseling as well, but he is stepping up when it comes to Leah. He made sure he removed her from the situation with Amber & knowing that she would attack him again he didnt' bring Leah back to the house. She didn't argue with him when he took her - she honestly doesn't want anything to do with the poor baby unless its a 'good time' for Amber. He sees Amber's neglect and is always the one to change her, feed her, hold her and play with her - all the while Amber yells 'Gary why is she crying like that?'

    Im sure the CPS will not rely just on the 1hr episodes, they could view all footage. Do I want Leah taken away from her family - absolutely not. But I do think she needs to be removed from Amber and placed with Gary & his family until she gets herself under control.

    In the end, Leah needs to be in a safe environmet & Amber cant provide her with that right now & needs help. I do beleive Amber loves Leah, but right now she is too caught up in herself and too immature to realize what she's doing. Verbal abuse can do more damage then physical - honestly I think its only a matter of time before she hurts Leah. She needs help!!!
    Me: Dee (36), DH: Ken (36), DD: Ava 3/26/09 5lbs 15oz, 19.5 in - at 13mo chk up weighed 18.2lbs
    sarahaguirre responded:
    I actually DO think that she needs to get her child taken away for awhile until she completes some counceling. I also think her visitation needs to be supervised. I do think she's young and immature, obviously but this does not give an excuse to be violent towards your SO in front of your child. I think that if the roles were reversed and it was Gary who was hitting Amber and was being as neglectful as Amber is towards Leah then there would be a bigger uproar about him being around his child. I do think it's a huge deal that Amber doesn't think it's that wrong to have violent episodes like that. Like DDK said, Gary is a victim of domestic violence and needs some counceling as well. Now trust me I do not think Gary is father of the year by any means but he also isn't the one hitting Amber with a closed fist.
    Me (27) DH (27) DD Stella born 3/10/2009 Baby Boy's EDD 1/28/11
    PixieStixx responded:
    I'm glad they are finally looking into her. I don't think she should have her child taken away but she does need parenting classes at the least. I think she needs a dose of reality and maybe if she sees that there is a possibility that her child could be taken away then she may change and get some help.
    DD is quickly approaching 1 year! Born 9/09
    mel07430 replied to sarahaguirre's response:
    Good Point Sara! If it was Gary hitting Amber or kicking her there would be such an uproar and he would be arrested etc.... He would not be able to see Leah. It is such a double standard!!

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