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    low iron/white blood cell count
    katberden posted:
    Hi! I have a one year little girl who was diagnosed with a low white cell blood count and iron deficiency. Anyone else going through this or have gone through this with their child? We are still exclusively breastfeeding as she refuses any types of foods, and she also has a very sensitive gag reflex.
    breezy_83255 responded:
    Did your ped. give you any suggestions? DD1 was diagnosed as anemic at her 1 year appointment, but her ped wasn't any help. The nurse actually told me to just "give her a Flinstone"! Obviously, that wasn't an option. We did try to force down some liquid iron at night. It tastes and smells horrible, but it's quick and painless. We gave it in the bath so it didn't get on anything if she spit some out.

    The main thing is keep working on getting her used to textures. She doesn't eat any food? No rice cereal or anything? Keep offering her finger foods and soft foods. Eventually she'll take them. When she starts eating other things, dried apricots and Cream of Wheat are LOADED with iron. We also used Instant Breakfast to increase calorie and vitamin intake. It also helped DD wean from breast and formula.
    katberden replied to breezy_83255's response:
    thanks for your reply. her ped has her taking the liquid iron, which i have to give while breastfeeding. When I tried it alone, she would throw it up almost immediately. She keeps it down now, only four or five shirts destroyed in the process. What is the instant breakfast you are referring to? Her gag reflex is getting better, since we started with the speech therapist, and working with different textures. I just hope she will be okay. She always seems tired, and sleep quite a bit.
    cheeezie25 responded:
    My DS was anemic for his first 6 months, and the best way we found to give him iron supplements is mixed with prune juice. Not only was the prune juice pretty much the only thing that would hid the horrible tast of the iron, but it also balanced out the constipation issues that arise from taking iron supplements. If your DD is ok with taking a bottle at all, just try doing that. We always just used the little Medela bottles for those given that the prune juice is thinner like the breast milk as opposed to the formula... better for the gag reflex. GL with everything!
    breezy_83255 replied to katberden's response:
    Carnation Instant Breakfast. It's a type of meal replacement. It comes in powder form, so different amounts can be added. It helped flavor the milk (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) so that DD didn't associate it as being milk. She also needed extra calories, so it filled that purpose. I slowly weaned her off of the flavoring until she was drinking straight formula/milk.You may look into Pediasure or other toddler type drinks as well. I'm not sure which ones contain the most iron.
    elegi23 replied to breezy_83255's response:
    Sorry for butting in Breezy (I think you're name is Heather right? I just don't want to call you that, and it not be your name. Lol), but I have a question about the Instant breakfast stuff. DId you just give it to DD at breakfast, or other times? DD's problem with nursing is she won't give up her night time nursing, and I'm ready for it. She has too many teeth, and she chews, and then pinches and squeezes, and I'm over it. I'm just wondering if you think the flavored milk would help her drink milk at night from her sippy before bed. If I give her a sippy with milk now, she will hide it, and scream and cry.
    Me (22), DH(30) DD Eleora Marylin 07/23/09 TTC2 (since 05/10)
    breezy_83255 replied to elegi23's response:
    Yes, my name's Heather. Not sure where my signature went on this exchange- guess I'll have to make a new one! You're not butting in- feel free to ask me anything :)

    I nursed at night, so that wasn't really an issue with DD1. She dropped percentage at 9 months. She didn't drop weight, but the doc wanted to make sure she was getting her calorie intake, so he recommended the Instant Breakfast combined with some formula. I started off adding a couple of formula sized scoops to an 8 oz bottle mid morning. She was already getting a bottle at this time, so I just gradually reduced the breast milk and increased the formula. I flavored it to cover up the formula taste.

    When we started introducing cow's milk DD HATED it! I refused to give cow's milk in a bottle, so I did flavor it slightly in the cup. I didn't add a lot- just enough to cover the taste. I gradually lessened the amount until she was drinking plain milk. She usually got her sippy of milk with dinner.

    Now, at age 3 1/2, she gets a full serving of it in her milk on most mornings. She could still use the calories and vitamins, so I've just kept it up. She also LOVES it!
    BrittBratney responded:
    Hi, my daughter's was only slightly low & she wasn't truly diagnosed, but I asked them what I could give her & they recommended the Enfamil Poly vi Sol with Iron. It smells & tastes like crap so I mix it in with one of those little dora yogurts & feed it to her or I will drop it in her milk & shake it up. She's also really quesey about thorwin up bad tasting medicine so those are the only ways I've been able for her to keep it down. HTH!

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