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What's your LO's newest trick???
saywhat789 posted:
I need some bragging to get me through the last couple of hours at work. ;)

DD's latest thing is to make a mean face. She furrows her eyebrows down really low and just glares at you. Then she laughs and laughs at herself. It's so funny you can even say "K do your mean face!" and she'll look like she was taken over by a demon.

She's also learned that she can get off of my bed by herself so she'll stand there and say "up! up! up!" and as soon as I put her up she gets down and says up again.
~ Mama to Miss M born 07/08/09 ~
momofone08 responded:
How sweet!

My DD's newest thing is to run through the store yelling up up and away, DH and I still can't remember where that comes from... it sounds familiar but what movie is it from?

Also, on halloween she refused to say trick or threat instead she said " apple alloween" pause "need more andy" lol :-)
Married 6/18/08~ 2 angels 7/07 ans 4/10~~ DD 9/16/08 7lbs 2oz 19 in~~ TTC 2 since June 2009~~ Moderate PCOS taking progesterone.
jessica5289 replied to momofone08's response:
Bryson just learned to climb on the couch. He has very short legs and just couldn't do it until now. We are very proud of him.
Bailey 4, Bella 3, Bryson 16 months, Brystol Lynn born 8/27/10
TyPatrick08 responded:
Tyler has just recently found every Toddlers favorite word NO! But I must say tis very cute when he says it I will ask him something ex get in the tub.. go to bed or something and he says "No Mommy No Tubby" It so innocent when he says it instead of bratty I guess. His new thing to do is climb up on the pool table he found his own stoll that gives him the height advantage to get up there. And just sits there and rolls the balls into the holes its pretty funny.
Me (23) DF (26) Tyler born 11-19-08 7lb9oz 20 1/2 inc 18 month check up 26lb 33in
breezy_83255 responded:
Carys discovered the joys of trick-or-treating, but was very upset that I didn't actually let her eat all the candy. "I NEED canny!"

She also insists on getting her bum changed immediatly- even if she barely peed. She'll strip down, throw the pull-up away, and yell "poopa!"
Heather (30), DH (31), DD1 (3 1/2), DD2 (1 1/2), Baby Boy EDD Feb. 1st!
elegi23 responded:
DD's newest thing is to take my hands and make me clap as loud as possible. She will then laugh and laugh as hard as she can.

She also has started walking fulltime and hardly crawls anymore, so her newest thing is to crouch down and try to jump. She always falls, and will then lay on the ground and laugh at herself.
Me (22), DH(30) DD Eleora Marylin 07/23/09 TTC2 (since 05/10)
sdadkin replied to elegi23's response:
Carter likes when we put him on the bed. He will crawl to the headboard and then pull himself up. He will look back at us and smile and then just throw himself backwards. He thinks it's the funniest thing ever! But now he does it in his toy room too and my mom said that he tried to do it on her couch. I fear a trip to the emergency room might be in our future... I hope not!
QTpie2009 responded:
Kayden likes to make us chase him around the kitchen table. He gets to giggling so hard that he can't walk straight and then ends up on the floor.

He also has been trying to ride our dog like a horse LOL and the dog is a Pekingnese!!
Me(27), DH(30), DS Kayden Riley born 06/09/09.

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