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need help
pamelariley posted:
hi my name is pamela i am new to the parenting stage. my son is one and will be turning two on the 28th of this month, but i can't seem to understand at this stage in his life that he has those moments where he cries for no reason and i don't know why. when he does this i checked to see if he needs to be changed but he will be dry then i will ask him if he is hungry he will tell me no. what could he possibly be crying about if he is not wet, hungry, or sleepy. can anyone help me with this problem because it happens at home and when we are out having family time.
cheeezie25 responded:
At this stage of life, being wet, hungry or sleepy is not the only stuff that irritates them. He may want a certain thing, and if you don't give it to him, he will throw a fit. They call it the terrible twos for a reason. How is he communicating? Does he point to things he wants or use language or gestures to communicate his needs? Speech and language delays can be a source of frustration. I have my son in some therapy to help with his language skills (he understands everything but is not speaking yet... we are pretty sure it stems from some residual low muscle tone issues). They are starting to teach him some signs to ease his frustrations while he learns to speak verbally. You may also want to post on the two year old board about this, given that he is so close to being two... those moms might have more advice.
sarahaguirre responded:
There have been times when DD will whine when she doesn't have my attention. If I'm on the phone or talking to DH she will whine and as soon as I see what's wrong with her she smiles and goes about her business. Also, DD is still learning the difference between no and yes. She's getting the hang of it but sometimes she will ask for "waoooo" (water) and then I'll ask if she's thirsty and she'll say "no". So I would still try to trouble shoot even though he may say no to something.
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elegi23 responded:
I'm pretty sure he's acting normal. DD will just randomly cry, because once they get older they have more stuff to be upset about. It may be silly to us, but really important to your LO. For example yesterday, DD wanted to drink out of a regular cup, and not a sippy cup. For some reason, that's her new thing. Well, she is really messy with regular cups, so I would not give in to her. She kept trying to unscrew the lid and everything. Well finally she gave up, or what I thought was give up and go in her room. Well, five minutes later, I hear screaming like she's hurt. I go into her room, and she's just sitting there crying, for no reason. It's completely because of the sippy too. She was not hurt, I picked her up, had the sippy in my hand and she tried to take the lid off. That's all she wanted. She was trying to trick me into giving her a cup without a lid.
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