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sarahann1978 posted:
So last night I finally got to read my December issue of Parents and my jaw dropped when I read the article "Go Nuts!" which basically said that the AAP has reversed their recommendation on feeding nuts to babies and that now the not only say it's ok to feed babies nuts, but that they recommend it starting at 6 months. At that age they of course recommend that it is in the form of butters, but that even at one you can give ground nuts.

What do you think?

It's pretty wild to me because that seemed to be one of the big NO, NO's that they drilled in your head to not give a baby peanut butter until after one. I guess with our next baby I will be open to try the new recommendation as we have no food allergies in either family, so it's not very likely anyway.

DS isn't really crazy about peanut butter, and I wonder if it's partly because he didn't develop a taste for it early on. Maybe as he gets older he will get into it. I think I will start to add ground walnuts to DS's oatmeal for the Omega-3's.
Sarah (32), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)
cheeezie25 responded:
6 months? DS was barely eating jarred baby food then, so I doubt there is anyway he'd be able to eat nut butters! That is a little crazy!

But I do agree that I think the whole nut avoidance thing was totally blown out of proportions, especially around the time we were pregnant. Pregnant women cutting nut butters out of their diet, really? I didn't really eat more peanut butter than usual when I was pregnant, but I kept it at around the same level as prepregnancy, and DS is fine. I think as long as you eat everything in moderation, you are fine.

As for my DS, I started giving him PB around 12-15 or so, but I don't think he really started liking it until he was around 18 months. I was more concerned with it being a chocking hazard rather than a potential allergen. Lately, he has really been into eating a variety of nuts such as pecans and walnuts whole, as well as sliced almonds! He started sneaking my granola and trail mix so frequently that we have just started giving it to him as his official snack. I think nuts are great for toddlers!
breezy_83255 responded:
My girls didn't get nut products until after 1, but it was more for choking than allergies. That and the fact that I HATE nut products, so we don't have much in our house :)

DD2 isn't a huge fan of peanut butter, but she does get it- especially at the babysitter's. I will also let her eat peanut halves. DD1 is a nut fanatic!! She loves almonds, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts. . . you name it, she likes it.
Heather (30), DH (31), DD1 (3 1/2), DD2 (1 1/2), Baby Boy EDD Feb. 1st!
mol13 responded:
We haven't strictly avoided nuts for DS2 but we haven't given them on purpose either.

DS1 started peanut butter at about 15 months but really prefers almond butter. We get a big jar at CostCo.
seeit2 responded:
My DS has a peanut allergy and my DD has a milk allergy. I asked my allergist about this the other day - she warned me the recommendation was coming - and she said that in Israel, which as a nation has the lowest incidence of peanut allergy of any country, children chew on teethers that are made from or flavored with peanuts, starting at about 6 months. So they are exposed for hours a day to these peanutty toys and there is no harm done. Nobody knows if it is the timing of the exposure (6 months versus 3 yrs of age, etc) or something else....but all in all docs in the US think the avoidance is not really making a difference. I can almost guarantee you this will change when some new study or theory comes out...but that's what the word is on that, if you are interested!

The AAP seems to change its opinion about food allergy every few months, it is dizzying.
Me (40) DH (39) DD (4) DS (13 mo)

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