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OT: Need Opinions!
bgabert posted:
I'm nearly 8 months with my second child. This one is a boy..
DH and I cannot agree on names, of course!

Here's the dilemma.
I really like Jace, he doesn't.
He liked Jackson, but I know a few already.
He likes Jamison, but I'm not sold on it.
Also, to add to that terror.. there are SO many J names on his side of the family!
Jay, Jena, Jarrod, Jordan, Jayme, Jeremy, Jason.. the list goes on.

So, last night I re-pitched Oliver (he hated it a few months ago) to him and he says that it's "okay". So far that is the best response I've gotten!

So... What do you ladies think?
No matter what, this LO's middle name will be Donald (both grandpa's are honored this way).
What name do you think flows nicely with it?
Our last name is LaRoy (lah-roy, not leeroy!)
Bri (24), DH Jarrod (28), DD Emery (6/15/2009), Baby Boy EDD 2/13/2011
sdadkin responded:
I really like Jace too. I have never heard it before. It's really cute! And I think it flows well when you put it all together. When I was pregnant with my first my SO didn't like any of the names I mentioned either. One day his fave uncle was visiting and asked what name we had picked out and I told him that I really liked Carter. When everybody there said they really liked it, that's all it took for my SO to agree. So, maybe you should get all of his family on board with you and then he will like it too! Lol.
Me (25) SO (25) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11)
bgabert replied to sdadkin's response:
I have tried that!!!
All of our friends love the name Jace.. and his parents like it too (which for them is a huge thing, they whined and had so many negative things to say about DD's name)
I am warming up to Oliver.. it's getting more common..
So, for me, it's a toss up between Jace and Oliver!
I just like that you can't shorten Jace and shortening Oliver to Ollie just makes it sound cuter, LOL
Bri (24), DH Jarrod (28), DD Emery (6/15/2009), Baby Boy EDD 2/13/2011
elegi23 responded:
I like Jace. That would be my first pick. Oliver is cute, but its baby cute. And besides Emery and Jace sounds soooo cute together. Emery and Oliver is a mouthful.

Thanks just my two cents. Lol!

I can't believe you're 8 months already. :-) It feels like yesterday that you got your BFP. But then look at our girls an how big they've gotten. Wow!
Me (22), DH(30) DD Eleora Marylin 07/23/09 TTC2 (since 05/10)
TyPatrick08 responded:
I like the way....

Jamison Donald LaRoy Sounds and also
Oliver Donald LaRoy

Good Luck Name choosing is the hardest part about being pregnant :) LOL
Me (23) DF (26) Tyler born 11-19-08 7lb9oz 20 1/2 inc 18 month check up 26lb 33in
kfitz responded:
I remember you from the boards with Emery. My dd#1 was born 8/12/09. Congrats on the new baby! I just had my second on 8/26 and we had alot of issues with names too. I am all for Oliver. I love it and it had just the right amount of uniqueness. Maybe try telling him since he gets to give the baby his last name you should get more say on the first name. That worked for me.
ad1978 responded:
I think neither of you should settle...can you go back to the drawing boards and start fresh with some new names since he doesn't really love Oliver or Jace, and you don't really love Jackson or Jamison?I think I would toss them all out and start over with brand new names. I wouldn't worry too much about what flows with the middle name--it will be pretty rare to actually say his full name most of the time any way.
bgabert replied to ad1978's response:
Thanks for all the suggestions/advice, guys!

Ad1978 - I wish going back to the drawing board was that easy. We have tried that and we both get stuck back on our original names! haha

I just absolutely adore the name Jace. I only know ONE Jayce, and he's a really nice guy! I, myself, prefer it without a Y as does DH. But, since he isn't sold on the name the way we spell it doesn't really matter!

Is the first name "Baby Boy" really that bad? LOL we might just be stuck with that if we still can't figure it out!! :sillygrin:
Bri (24), DH Jarrod (28), DD Emery (6/15/2009), Baby Boy EDD 2/13/2011

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