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Potty Training...
sdadkin posted:
Have any of you guys started potty training yet? We haven't started, but my DS is 17months and just recently started saying to me "pee pee" and "poo poo" whenever he needs a diaper change. And he knows which one is which. We ordered a potty chair online last night. Hopefully we can get him potty trained before his little brother is born in May.

I have no idea where to begin though. Do any of you ladies have any advice or suggestions? Also, can you recommend a good potty chair just in case the one we got isn't any good?
Me (25) SO (25) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11)
seeit2 responded:
Yeeks, I don't even want to think about PTing yet lol! But DS is only 15 months DD started showing interest at 18 months but we did nothing to push that, we let her take the lead. I would recommend skipping the potty chair and getting one of those padded seats that sit on the toilet - that way you don't have to re-train them to use the actual potty, and it is easier when you are out in public to get them to use the restroom. I would also continue to follow your DS' lead and don't push it - they can "show interest" for months before they actually try anything. We used the padded seat and brought it out here and there, especially at bath time, and let DD play on and around it, then one day she just put it on the toilet and said "pee" and we were off and running. She was not totally, completely PT'd (like night time too) until she was 3.5 yrs.

Me (40) DH (39) DD (4) DS (13 mo)
bgabert responded:
I have a .pdf file that a friend send to me called the "3 day potty training"

If you would like, I could email it to you... just let me know what your email is. It's worth a try! It has potty chair suggestions and all sorts of info.
Bri (24), DH Jarrod (28), DD Emery (6/15/2009), Baby Boy EDD 2/13/2011
sdadkin replied to bgabert's response:
Oh yes, please email it to me! My email address is:

Thanks so much!
Me (25) SO (25) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11)
cyn22mull replied to bgabert's response:
Can you email it to me too please??

Cindy (34) DH (38) DS Christopher 2 5-26-08
cujaybird replied to bgabert's response:
I would love for you to send it to me as well! I am thinking about starting soon, she is 18 months old and tells me "poop" before she poops and knows when she is wet. Thanks!
Jamie, (28) Josh, (30) and Leah, born 6-27-09.
bgabert replied to cujaybird's response:
Sent to all of you!!
Bri (24), DH Jarrod (28), DD Emery (6/15/2009), Baby Boy EDD 2/13/2011

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