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Nicknames for your lil toddlers?? Do they have 1?
addesMAMA posted:
When I was pregnant I always said we're going to strictly call her by her name, Addesin Kaelin, I absolutely love my daughters name! When she was born she didnt stop crying for about an hour, so my Mother had already began to call her Adde Bratty!
Then she comes home with us and with the joy & excitement of our new Beautiful Daughter in our home I began to call her Adde Kae & still do! :)

--So whats your lil toddlers nickname story?? Feel free to share!!
angelsmythers responded:
Connor's nickname is whatever i call him that moment. Most of the time its bubba, bub, baby, or stinky butt! lol. SIL calls him pumpkin and conman. BOTH which I despise... Maybe it is just because it is coming from her! lol.

I call him baby ALOT though. If he gives me hands me something i will say "thank you baby". So now wehn I give him something he says to me "thank you baby". Lol its so darn cute!
Angel(21) Mike(21) Connor (20 months!!) He is now 23 lbs 6oz and 32.5 in long! He's my little string bean!
sarahann1978 responded:
I still call my DS Sweet Pea, it's just my nickname for him. He is also Bud, Chief, Cochise, Chief Crazy Hair, Dude, or Squirrel.
Sarah (32), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)
addesMAMA replied to sarahann1978's response:
r u native?
DelandMommy responded:
I call my LO boogy, boogadee or boogadee-boo. I really don't know how it started.
DelandMommy replied to DelandMommy's response:
Oh and her name is Hailey!
Anmar22 responded:
I dd's name is Evangaline Jade, so naturally we call her Eva. Sometimes I'll call her baby or whatever else slips out, can't think of any right now. My DH will call her names in spanish that I can't spell, I'm not even going to try. My mom calls her Eva Beava, don't know why except that it rhymes.
QTpie2009 responded:
I mostly call him by his real name which is Kayden. Sometimes I call him monkey because he acts like a monkey; he climbs on everything and acts silly all the time. In the mornings when he gets up I like to say good morning Sweetie Pie. My sister and my mom call him Kady-Bug which I don't really like because it sounds like "Katy" as in a girl's name.
Me(27), DH(30), DS Kayden Riley born 06/09/09.
lkevans responded:
My nicknames for my daughter, whose name is Trinity Rose, is Trinny, Bubba ( because shes a chunky), Lovey.
sarahann1978 replied to addesMAMA's response:
Actually, no I am not native, but coincidentally I do work for an Indian tribe, but they don't have chiefs and never have historically.

It's more that my husband is a huge fan of western movies and we live in Arizona. He's the one who calls him the Indian type names. Nobody seems offended by it, so I have never given it much thought.

I am the one who sometimes calls DS squirrel and I will also use the Indian word for it from the tribe I work for which is Sekootz.
Sarah (32), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)
bgabert responded:
I call DD (Emery) by her full name, sometimes I call her baby, sweetheart and honey.

My MIL calls her Em-Shmem... I HATE IT!!!!
Bri (24), DH Jarrod (28), DD Emery (6/15/2009), Baby Boy EDD 2/13/2011
tlkittycat1968 responded:
DS's "real" name is Paul but since that's his dad's name too, we've called him PJ (Paul Junior) since he was born. He doesn't know his name is Paul since no one ever calls him that except at the doctor's office.

DD is Kylee and that's what we call her for the most part. There's the usual sweetheart, etc and sometimes I call her Cutie Patootie.

My mom's name is Anna Margaret but she goes by Maggie. She didn't know her name was Anna until she started school and the teacher got mad at her because she wasn't answering to Anna. Even now, I'll bet some of my cousin's don't know her "real" name.
saywhat789 responded:
I call dd "baby." She's going to hate that when she gets a little bit older lol. oh and monkey, and the shortened version of her actual name.
~ Mama to Miss M born 07/08/09 ~
EACMommy responded:
We call our little one Little Bear or Monkey, because those are her daddy's nicknames. She was knocking down block towers the other day and DH suggested calling her Godzilla, but didn't think it sounded like a girl's name. So, now she's Monkey Monster Zero.
Me(30), DH(30), DD(3-30-2009)
samshine202 responded:
My son has quite a few nicknames, but I mostly call him Aiby or sweet pea. I used to call him A-baby, then it somehow morphed into Aiby :) He has an Elmo doll that sings the alphabet, and Aidan pushes the button to start it over after Elmo says "AB" so all you hear over and over is "AB AB AB"...maybe I call him that too much? :)

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