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My one Year old's strange bowel movement
Kaylegh posted:
This evening my husband and I change our son's diaper and he had had a bowel movement it was fine and then later on this evening we went to change him again and his bowel movement this time was a little orange with manly beans in it there was no BM it was mostly beans. This has us a little baffled because neither of us or our mothers fed our son any beans. If anyone has any ideas as to what may have caused this please let me know. Thank You!
DelandMommy responded:
That sounds odd. I would ask the doctor. I think something like that happened to my LO once when she was younger. I vaguely remember but she is okay.
mol13 responded:
Are you sure? Double-check with everyone. Also, was he eating peas or corn or grapes or anything?

Another thing you might want to check is if he has eaten anything on his own that wasn't food. If his BMs return to normal, then that's probably what happened.
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sarahann1978 responded:
My DS had one that looked like that after he ate raisins, could that be a possibility?
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jlbelknap35 responded:
My son will have something like that with raisons, craizons, greanbeens, beets, corn, olives, or anything that could be dark like that, I especialy notice it sense he eats alot of sweetpotatoes and carrots that will turn his poop bright orange, so it can look pretty silly at times. I usually dont worry about it unless he has diarea and I only worry about the diarea part and treat that and make sure no blood.

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