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Help, please (take 2)
paytonsmommy09 posted:
I just posted this and it never showed TAKE2

I am pulling my hair out with Payton. When I feed her dinner, she eats a little and then starts throwing the food on the floor. Of course, my dogs LOVE it and snarf it up. When she starts this I tell her 'no' and she just grins at me and does it anyway. So, then I decided to take her food from her when she does this. BUT, I want her to get her fruits so I give her yogurt or fruits right after and she laps it up. Am I rewarding her for bad behavior by giving her fruit? What do I do?


magsnemma responded:
I'm lurking but I've been through this with my DD so I thought maybe I could help. One thing that you could try is putting the dogs in another room where she can't see them. Then she doesn't have an audience to throw food to. I had to do this because DD was feeding our dog anything she didn't want.

I do think though that you might be inadvertently rewarding her for throwing food because the consequence is that she doesn't have to try the food she's throwing and she gets the food she wants. As for what to do, you could warn her that if she throws food again, it's going away and she won't get fruit or yogurt. Then you have to stick to that if she does it again. Another thing you could try is just ignoring the behavior altogether. I will say with my DD, I had to try something multiple times before I figured out whether it really worked or not.
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seeit2 responded:
Locking the dogs out is a good idea. Otherwise, I would just let it go. Kids toss food overboard - it's not a big deal. She won't do it forever. It may be her way of saying she does not like the food, or it's fun to throw it - but she'll grow out of it. At some point, if she figures out you don't like it (and it sounds like she may have already) then she'll do it for the attention, then it will take longer to stop.

My dog is the ultimate vacuum cleaner - less mess for me, I think! I lock him out of the kitchen and then let him clean it up when DS is done decorating the floor.
Me (40) DH (39) DD (4) DS (13 mo)
paytonsmommy09 replied to seeit2's response:
Dinner was much better tonight. I crated the dogs (to their dismay) and she ate almost all of her dinner. When she started throwing her dinner on the floor, I took her plate away. About an hour later, I gave her dessert of her favorite fruits. She was a happy kid at bedtime.

Thank you for the help! I'll get this parenting thing one of these days! :-)
bgabert responded:
I must be a mean mommy, when DD does this, I take away her plate and make her sit at the table until we're all done eating... and then make her clean up the mess after! We don't have a dog to serve as a vacuum, LOL.

Glad to hear she ate so much better tonight for you, Sarah!
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sarahann1978 responded:
After reading this thread yesterday I told DH last night that we need to get a dog so we can stop having to pick up after our DS who throws food all over. It really must be a toddler thing!
Sarah (32), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)

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