Picky eater!
alwayssmile posted:
I have a year old girl, she doesn't have any teeth yet. And she won't eat baby food at all. She won't eat anything crushed at all! Her doc thinks she should be eating more because her weight is dropping.

Any ideas with food? What can I give her? She is extremely picky!
seeit2 responded:
Berries, avocado, toast soaked in butter...I'd say anything she can gum up pretty well. Also yogurt, pudding etc - if it does not look too much like baby food for her taste that is.

My DS is really skinny and the doc told us to give him pediasure. I don't like having to supplement with it but it does seem to be helping as far as keeping some weight on him.
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mol13 responded:
Teeth are not required to eat a lot of good food. My kids never ate baby food and they started eating meals with us at 6 months. Any steamed veggies or soft fruit, and even dark meat chicken, is really easy for kids to eat without teeth. Those gums are hard! Also, since she is old enough to get the idea of dipping, she can dip foods in yogurt or cheese sauce. That way she'll get the yogurt but won't have to eat it like baby food.

Bread with butter is good too. Or cream cheese.
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