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19 month old waking up grumpy...
sdadkin posted:
My 19 month old DS has been waking up very grumpy lately. He goes to bed at 8 every night and I have to wake him up at around 6:15 every morning. I usually turn his light on when I get up at 6 and I get ready and then come into his room. I walk over to his crib (most of the time he is already awake and smiling at me). I tell him good morning and pat on him a little bit. Sometimes he is a little playful and tries to scoot away from me or play with his blanket. When I do get him out of the bed and take him to the changing table that's when he starts to get grumpy. He wont lie still (that's kind of another issue lately- he doesn't want to lay there long enough for a diaper change) and he starts crying before I can even get the new diaper on. Then it's a nightmare to get his clothes and shoes on and carry him downstairs and out the door to the car.

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and everything is getting more difficult for me to do. I don't know if it's just a stage he's going through or maybe he senses things are about to change with the new baby coming along. I don't think it's because he's not getting enough sleep because even on the weekends he only sleeps in til about 7 or so and we sometimes let him stay up about 20-30 minutes later on Friday and Saturday.

We have had the same routine now for the past year and a half and I have never had any trouble with him before. Maybe it's just because he is starting the "terrible twos"? I don't know, but every morning is so very exhausting now!
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seeit2 responded:
My DS is a total PIA about diaper changes, especially first thing in the morning. I go in there now with a cup of milk for him to suck on while I get him ready and that totally pacifies him - any chance your DS is a little hungry and that's why he's grumpy? 10 hours is a long time to go without food for such a little guy. And the more mobile they are, the more calories they burn.
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QTpie2009 responded:
My DS fights with me to do diaper changes too ugh! In the mornings I try to keep the lights dim until his eyes get used to them. I give him a sippy of milk and he watches Spongebob while I get things ready. While I'm dressing him and changing his diaper I have found it helpful to give him his toothbrush so he "brushes his teeth" while I dress him and he's more content.
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kfitz responded:
DD is the same way. Sometimes she is tired so I try to gradually wake her up. Have you tried music? My DD signs music every morning so we listen to music and I let her play with the tube of aquaphor while I change her. There is a night light on her diaper warmer so I let her play with that too. Sometimes I give her a wipe to have her help me wipe her and she loves getting all the praise. I will try ANYTHING to get thru the morning more smoothly. If you find something else that works please share!

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