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tryin_2_recover posted:
My 18 month old refuses to sleep through the night and his temper tantrums are insane. He has no patience and will not tolerate being told no. He can see me making his dinner and he is throwing a fit because it's not done yet. I try to get it done before he realizes he wants dinner but most nights that's really hard.

He also has been waking up screaming in the middle of the night. Can an 18 month old have bad dreams? My husband works out of town and is only home about every other weekend right now so I'm the only one there to get up with him. I also have a 5 month old. Last night I got 5 hrs of sleep after he had a tummy ache that kept me up later and once we got that under control he fell back asleep. Then he woke at 1:30 and screamed on and off until 4; only not screaming when I was in the room with him. It didn't matter if I held him, he just wanted me in the room with him. I work full time and I'm not sure how much more of him waking up I can take. My 5 month old wakes up once, eats and goes right back to sleep. No screaming or anything. Any suggestions?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
How long has your husband been working out of town? I ask because if he just recently started, your son may be reacting to his father being gone.
sdadkin responded:
My son was waking up in the middle of the night awhile back also. It turned out that he was getting new teeth in. Maybe your son could just be in discomfort from the pain of new teeth?
Me (25) SO (25) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11)
tryin_2_recover replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Pretty much since he was born. His temper tantrums started though after Christmas this year when dad was home for about 3 weeks. As far as teeth go, he's got a full mouth and last night before I knew he had a tummy ache I gave him motrin in case and it didn't make a difference. I've recently started antidepressents and I haven't found one yet that quite works completely and I am just so tired.
seeit2 responded:
The tantrums are normal. Ignore them and they'll go away - but they'll probably get worse before they get better.

As for the wakings, you need to figure out why its happening - does he just need extra loving from mommy? Daddy? Is it something medical? What does he get out of it?
Me (40) DH (39) DD (4) DS (13 mo)
tryin_2_recover replied to seeit2's response:
Last night was the first time this sort of thing has happened although he does wake a lot and then go back to sleep. Last night he just wanted me to be in the room with him. Whether I held him or rubbed his back. He'd fall asleep and as soon as I walked away he was screaming again. He didn't want his milk or anything else, just me. When he's awake, he's not a cuddler. He is always on the go rarely sitting still. I try to pull him up on the couch with me and cuddle or play with him on the floor but his attention span is fairly short and he is ready to move on before we can really get started on any one toy, lol. Last night I ended up letting him cry the last 30 minutes till he fell asleep. He and I do swim lessons at our local YMCA on Saturdays as something for just us, maybe I should try something else too. There is a small amount of jealousy I see where his 5 month old sister comes in, but a lot of love too. When she's in her walker he'll just walk up and give her a hug and kisses, it's so sweet. I don't know, I do wish I could stay home with them.
seeit2 replied to tryin_2_recover's response:
It is hard, and with daddy gone so much then more of it falls on you. I wonder if the wanting company at night isn't developmental - I know my DS went through something similar for awhile too...we joked that I should learn to sleep sitting up in his chair so he could sleep soundly all night- that would suck though, huh? Kind of ironic though that the 5 month old seems to be the better sleeper...hang in there.
Me (40) DH (39) DD (4) DS (13 mo)

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