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New Car Seat Laws
Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
New Car Seat laws!

With the new law that car seats have to be facing the rear now, I can't help but wonder if you had already had baby facing forward and if your little one was enjoying the view.

If they are still facing the rear I imagine they won't care, but having that forward view and as they age, I can't help but think they would love the stimulation of looking at Mommy and out the window and starting to take it all in. Now they have made new safety rules, what are your thoughts about that?
jlynnpaine responded:
My understanding is that they haven't actually changed the laws yet, just the recommendations. We kept our DD RFing until she was 18 months and her seat would no longer fit in our car due to having to move the headrest up. With our next LO, I'm playing to purchase a differently shaped convertible seat so that it will fit better in our car so that I can RF for longer. I think that as long as a child has some toys or books to entertain them on the ride, I doubt they care much about the view.
saywhat789 responded:
My daughter is 21 months and was still rear-facing before the recommendations changed. In Sweden and other countries they rear face children up to 4 years old and older. It's physically safer. If you do a quick you tube search for rear-facing you will see the dramatic difference that rear facing vs forward facing plays on a child's body. In my opinion, my child's safety and life is worth more than her "enjoying the view".

Nobody plans on getting in an accident. Nobody plans on being in a rollover. You (in general) may be a safe driver but the person next to you could be texting, putting on their makeup and drinking coffee behind the wheel.

Imagine if your (in general you) child was paralyzed from the force of forward facing in a carseat during and accident and could have walked away had he/she been rear-facing. People can argue all they want about the new recommendations, but you can't argue with physics when you're in an accident.
~ Mama to Miss M born 07/08/09 ~
jlynnpaine replied to saywhat789's response:
If this was FB, I would "like" your reply. You perfectly described my thoughts. :)
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I kept RFing until he was a bit older than 2. Didn't help that he didn't reach the weight requirement until he was almost 2.

In my car, I plan on keeping DD RFing past her 2nd birthday.

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