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1 year old and binky
BNWilson3 posted:
My baby girl is 1 year and 2 weeks old. We have recently took away for binky for good (cold turkey) I was just wondering if she is too little yet for us to take it away permanently. She really only ever needed it for naps and bedtime before. The first night she went without it she did fine but last night she woke up screaming and the only way to get her to calm down was to hold her. I am not sure if she was crying about her binky or possibly her teeth but either way it may me wonder if we should wait a bit to take it away. TIA
kfitz responded:
I started at 1 with DD#1 too. I only let her have it at naptime and bedtime. Once she went to the dentist for the first time he said to let her have it until 18 months until all her 1 year old teeth came in then I could wean her. That is what I did. She ended up getting 10 teeth in at once so I let her have it until 18 months for relief from teething.
attleysmom replied to kfitz's response:
With DD, I started limiting to naptime and bedtime (sometimes long car trips) around 15 months.

Those 1 year molars are tough and at this age it is still hard for them to articulate when they are in pain (it is somewhat better at 2 years). So I let her keep it through then.

I have been trying to get DS down to just naptime and bedtime but he is definitely more into the pacifier and he is getting all 4 molars so I am going to stick with going to naptime and bedtime only around 15 months like I did with DD.

DD was completely off hers by 18 months.

It can be a tough decision but I think either way you decide will work itself out at this point.

j9ween3 responded:
we've taken them away right around the 1 year mark with all 3. DD2 had her's taken away last week. The older they are the harder it is to take. Hang in there
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Kelseh replied to j9ween3's response:
In all honesty, just take it away!! Do not give in to battles of them wanting it back. At the age of 1, they are young enough to get over it after a few days. I took my sons away at 3months because there was no point in it. I talked to his doctor and he said there is no benefit of the bink. I took it away cold turkey and he did great! A friend of mines son is 3 and was attached and obsessed with his bink! He would have one his mouth and two in his hands and if you so much as tried to take them he would scream. He was so attached that when his teeth came in they formed around the bink. They didn't take it away until he was 2 1/2. The bink is only beneficial to the parent (because it allows for some peace and quiet).
QTpie2009 replied to Kelseh's response:
I agree with previous post to just take it away. For DS we never became so reliant on it that everytime he cried we would stick it in his mouth. Just because they are crying doesn't necessarily mean they need their binky. That is their only form of communication and could mean several things. DS mainly only wanted his pacifier during naps and bedtime. He was broke around 9 months. It wasn't hard either because he wasn't dependent on it. I think she will do fine... just give it time :)
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