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16 month old-still BF every 2 hrs at night
An_222995 posted:
My DD is 16 months old and still BF. She drinks milk most of the night :( I am sleepless! I think it's time to wean her off. I wish I can still BF but I believe that is the only way she will sleep all night. I only BF once a day before her nap. I've tried everything. She loves her pacifier but wont take it at night. Only breast. She is mommy's girl. Completely. I can't even imagine how she will react w. out milk. If i don't give her milk at night- everyone is awake.

A friend of mine weaned off her daughter by leaving for a week on vacation and left her DD w/ her mom. I am thinking of doing that as well. What do other mom's think of my idea? Any suggestions? ! Any help about now would help :)
sejika responded:
My 12 month old son still wants breast milk at night or whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night. I'm planning to wean him off soon and I believe being away for a while is a good idea. Last month I had to leave him to my sister coz I attended a training for a week and she didn't have a hard time putting him to sleep coz normally he would only sleep if I breast feed him. Thats what I was worried about coz it was my first time to be away with him that long. I've had suggestions from other moms like dab some mustard or anything sour or bitter to the nipples. They said it worked for them, but personally I'd take a time off for a week again since that seem work for my son. :)
Ihgirl1066 responded:
Sorry cant help you my son is 14 months and still gets up once or twice a night for a bottle, every once in a while he'll make it through the night. I dont have the heart to let him "cry it out" so i just get up and feed him.

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