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    A toddler and a baby at daycare
    island_baby posted:
    Anyone have good tips for me for getting two childrens under the age of three ready for daycare in the morning.

    I have a 16 month old and I am pregnant. I am getting a little nervous about how this is going to work with two in the mornings. I want to breastfeed as long as possible even when I return to work

    Currently, my husband takes our son to daycare, while I go in early to work. That way I can get off early and pick my son up and spend a little extra time with him in the afternoons.

    If I breastfeed our baby, I will not be able to go into work early, because he or she will probably need to feed in the morning.

    i think i might try to go part time if my boss allows it.

    Any advice would help.

    megbrubaker responded:
    It's possible. My LO's are 2 years (and 2 weeks) apart in age. And I breastfed DD. What I did was get up and get myself at least part ready, then feed DD. DH would help and get DS ready to leave while I was nursing. And usually I'd finish nursing and I'd either get her dressed and ready or DH would finish her while I was finishing getting ready.

    It mad the mornings sometimes crazy, and the mornings that DH wasn't there bc he had to leave early for work I would have to get up even earlier. But it worked out.

    If you are still able to go in early you could always pump before you leave and leave that milk for baby to drink.

    Just working and breasfeeding involves a lot of pumping so be prepared. MY DS didnt nurse, I pumped for him for 12 weeks (8-10x a day) and I was over it. DD nursed amazingly, and I LOVED IT, but I hated having to pump 3x a day while i was at work. we made it to 6 months of exclusively breastmilk, and she nursed 1-2x a day until 7.5 months.
    Megan (26), DH (30) Two beautiful children, DS: Boston(3)
    island_baby replied to megbrubaker's response:
    Wow. That is awesome. You have some really good tips. Teamwork is a must. I will start discussing with my DH what our plan will be. thank you.
    jlynnpaine responded:
    I've only had one so far, but went back to work when she was 2 weeks old. DH leaves for work before me, so he was no help.

    I got up at 5:00, got DH off to work and then pumped. Then I got myself ready for work. At 7:00 I would get DD up, nurse her, then get her ready. Her and I would leave the house at 7:30 and I'd be to work at 8:00.

    I would recommend trying to get as much ready the night before as you can to save time. Have lunches made and in the fridge, ready to go, coffee ready, clothes laid out, and possibly even shower the night before to save time. I think having a schedule ready ahead of time and having your DH there to help will make it easier.

    Another option, if you can pull it off, is to let your baby nurse while in a sling in the mornings. That would allow you to be using both hands to get ready while accomplishing that. I hope it goes well. If nothing else, see if your boss will let you come in later for the first month or so until things get more routine. Then you can always go back to your old schedule once things settle down. Good luck!

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