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15 month old and Sippy Cup
lms504 posted:
My 15 month old son refuses to drink from a sippy cup. While I have no issue with this in general, the problem is that he throws his bottle on the ground often and consistently breaks the collars.

Does anyone have any tips to encourage him to drink from the sippy cup? I have tried all different kinds- sizes, shapes, colors, softness of spout....

Thanks in advance!
Ihgirl1066 responded:
We started offering our son who is now also 15 months a sippy cup at around 6-7 months. Took him a while to get used to it, but he eventually did. The first ones we used were the first year ones that you could start with a nipple and then change to the sippy spout. I think it just takes them a while to understand how to use it. I just bought him the next stage ones with no spout on it, and he hasnt figured it out yet, but i keep offering it to him everyday.
naggingwife74 responded:
What has worked best for all three of my kids was to not let them have another option. My son is 18 months and the week he turned one, I gave all my bottles to a friend that was having a baby. My son was forced to use his sippy cup if wanted a drink. It took about a day and a half and he adjusted.

Once they know they wont get the bottle back, they will use the cup that you give them. Right now he knows that you will give the bottle back if he fights the sippy so why get use to it?
lms504 replied to naggingwife74's response:
So true! Thanks for the tips! A few days ago he decided he likes the straw cup so fingers crossed.
naggingwife74 replied to lms504's response:
That's awsome, I hope it sticks. I am jealous that your 15 month old can drink through a straw, my 18 month old just started getting the hang of it! But then again, he also just started walking about 2 months ago so maybe he just needs more time to get the hang of things!

Although, he has been able to catch a ball and throw through a hoop with amazing accuracy since a couple weeks before his 1st birthday. He also will sit on the couch with his dad for 30 minutes if there is a football or basketball game on!

Weird how he excels at some things and seems behind at others!
lms504 replied to naggingwife74's response:
I found that drinking from the Tommee Tippee flip straw (it's a thicker straw) requires a lot of the same motion as a bottle. My son is the same way- excels at some things, behind at others, but he always finds his way.

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