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motor skill delays
biba77 posted:
My daughter is 14 months and still has to learn how to sit still and walk or crawl.
She rolls and gets to places but seems to refuse to do things I mentioned above. She did spend most of the time 3-4 hrs a day in the car seat from the 2 month to 10 month. She is developed in all other areas but this kind of worries me.
I checked with doctor and she said to give her a bit more time but will see her next month to double check.
Anyone had similar experience. I am thinking of asking my doc to send us for some physical therapy.
mrsjmsr responded:
I think you need to see another doctor. That is not normal. Im shocked that your doctor has not brought up physical therapy or some kind of occupational evaluation.
26, DH 27, DD 3, DS 1 LIFE is what YOU make it!!!!
Ihgirl1066 replied to mrsjmsr's response:
The walking isnt a concern, but sitting up and crawling, i'd be a little worried. My son didnt walk until he was 3 days away from turning 15 months, and another girl at work didnt walk til 15.5 months. He was always ahead of sched on everything else, but just prefed to crawl. He'd walk if we held his hand or pushing the walker but never ventured far on his own.
phoenix31674 responded:
Some kids don't crawl. Generally as long as then use some method to get places (and rolling counts) it's not something for concern. I would be concerned about sitting since sitting helps develop those core muscles needed for pulling up and standing. Has she started trying to pull up? If your doc won't help, check with your state's early intervention office. They will evaluate your child for free and can provide needed occupational therapy if your daughter is judged developmentally behind. All of this is covered by your tax dollars already.
JennyD1978 replied to phoenix31674's response:
My son was 4 month premature. He is also behind in motor skills. We had to get a phyical therapist. He is now army crawling and sitting up on his own thanks to the phyical therapist and us getting him to do exercises the phyical therapist showed us what do.
biba77 replied to JennyD1978's response:
How old is your son now?
What type of exercise did the physical therapist show you?
She is improving everyday now and we are scheduled to start physical therapy next week. She just set this morning by herself for long period. Crawling not on belly but on back if she has somthing to pushes against. Any tips are helpful. Thanks!
JennyD1978 replied to biba77's response:
My son will be 17 months old in 2 days. He now weighs about 18-20lbs. They had to put him on pediasure because he didn't gain much weight in 3 months and even in 6 months. He went to the his nicu check up and they were pleased that he was doing as well as he is. He is now also pulling himself. Everything seems to be coming into place now. He will take our hands and walk a little bit too.
As for the physical therapy one exercise I remember is to put him in the crawling position and get him to extend his arms to the floor. I would put my hands under his stomach and chest and help hold him up. You can also use your legs. You can also use a towel all do you do is roll it up and lay your baby on their belly; their hands have to be extended and they are on their knees. As they get stronger you would raise the towel up.

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