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    Cutting out the 2nd nap??
    Lillygirl831 posted:
    I want to see if anyone else had/has this problem. Our LO is 14 months old. About a month ago we saw the DR for his 1yr check up and told her about his lack of sleep for the first hour he's in his crib. He's generally a good sleeper, but for about a month of so before the visit to the DR we would put him to bed at his normal sleep time (8-8:30) but he'd stay up in crib for about an hour. We thought maybe it was what we were feeding him for dinner or his milk that was keeping him up at night since normally, he'd fall aslepp in 15 min or so. The Dr said, "OH NO, cut out that 2nd nap. He's telling you he doesn't need it anymore." So, we did that. He's now down to one nap and has been for almost a month now. The problem is that he seems exhausted and went from a great, happy baby to a crank most times. If I say "NO", he has a fit. If he is in the living room playing with his toys, he gets mad. He just gets cranky easliy or IS cranky all day. I feel like he wasn't ready for that 2nd nap to be taken away yet even though he was up in his crib for an hour at bedtime for that little while. Is this normal?? Is he still adjusting?? Is this just part of his getting into the toddler stage?? He normally gets up in the morning around 6:30 and his one and only nap is from about 12:30 to 2:30 or 3 now and then he goes to bed at 8pm. I'm flustered and I want my happy little boy back. Please help!!
    lms504 responded:
    I had/have a similar problem with my 16 month old. He is in day care and when he moved up to the next level room, they shortened him to one nap a day from 12-2:30 (or later if he is still sleeping, but he generally is up by 2:30 and sometimes earlier!). And like your son, he turned into a crank. We moved his bedtime back from 8 to 7:30. That has helped. It generally takes him 1/2 hour to fall asleep so this way he is asleep by 8. He gets up between 6 and 6:30 now (he used to get up between 5:30 and 6). So you might want to try compensating for the one nap by moving his bedtime back a bit.
    Lillygirl831 replied to lms504's response:
    Thank you! I will try that and see what happens.
    Ihgirl1066 replied to Lillygirl831's response:
    My son cut out his 2nd nap at around 12 months, he is now 16 months, and has moved his bedtime from 630 to 830. And now all a sudden last month or so he is a crank most of the day, maybe its just the age thing. He gets up and is cranky until his nap and when he gets up from that he is fine. But he is a very very restless sleeper at night so that prob his problem.
    orin34 responded:
    My son is now 15 months old and we have just recently cut out one of his naps. This is his "schedule".

    Wake up: 8:30-9AM
    Nap: 1-4 PM (or whenever he wakes up, he has slept until 5:30 a few tims)
    Bed: 7PM

    I use the term schedule loosely because since he was born we have been constantly out and about (I was a teacher and got laid off... I haven't been hired on anywhere else yet). , he is rather good at being flexible as a result, but I just couldn't stand the morning "nap" aka "crib playtime" anymore, it made him a major crank all day long.
    lucysmomlaura replied to Ihgirl1066's response:
    My daughter is the same. She is a very restless sleeper. She cut out her 2nd nap all on her own. She does get cranky but I just try to redirect her so she forgets whatever she was cranky about. She goes to bed late (she's a night owl like Daddy) about 9 pm and wakes up about 7am. Doesn't seem like enough sleep but she seems fine. Her nap is about 3 hours during the day.

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