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    not walking yet...
    maydelincastro posted:
    my daughter is thirteen months old and she isnt walking yet. not sure why she stands but only when shes holding on to something. please give me some tips on how i can encourage her to walk..
    Ihgirl1066 responded:
    Honey dont worry you lil girl will walk when she was ready!! My son didnt walk without holding onto something or our hands until he was 4 days shy of 15 months, another girl i work with her daughter didnt start walking until 15.5 months. All kids are different, my brother walked at 9 months cuz he couldnt stand being on his belly so he never crawled. And dont let anyone tell you different, she is just fine and one day will amaze you and just start to walk!
    sweetbaby82 replied to Ihgirl1066's response:
    My baby is 12 months and not walking; only cruising. Don't worry, as long as she is making progress I am sure she is just fine.
    phoenix31674 responded:
    One thing you can do is hold her hands and have her walk before her. My DD cruised until she was almost 14 months old before taking her first solo steps. DS on the other hand took his first at 11.5 months.

    She'll walk when she's ready. Since she's standing and walking holding onto things, not really anything to worry about.
    archieboy responded:
    My pediatrician said that the normal range is until 18 months. If at 18 months she is not walking, you should let the pediatrician know, so your daughter is well within the normal range!
    fiannakyn replied to archieboy's response:
    everyone is right!

    If she is having trouble with balance you might have her ears checked. Beyond that it sounds like she's fine just give her plenty of practice crusing.
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    sarah0323 replied to fiannakyn's response:
    She will walk when she is ready. Be thankful she isn't walking yet. When she does watch out!!!

    Seriously though all of my kids have walked at different times. Emily is 10 months and is starting to takes about 8 to 10 steps by herself. I really wish she wasn't walking yet. One of my boys didn't start walking until he was 19 months. They will walk on their own time table. Just make sure she gets lots of practice.

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