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Seizures and sleep in Toddlers
amwolf17 posted:
At the end of November beginning of December my husband and I spent a week in Hasbaro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island. One night our one year old son went randomly went into a seizure. He was rushed to the hospital where he had at least two more seizures. The hospital completed an MRI, a CAT scan, a spinal tap, and a multitude of blood and urine tests on our son. The verdict was...get ready for it...there were no problems with our son.
Since we've been home we've noticed a decline in our sons sleep patterns, at first we thought it was due to him getting re-acclimated to his home enviornment instead of the hospital enviornment. Before his seizures, he would sleep at least six hours straight with no problems. Now, he's gotten to the point where the only time he will sleep more than a half an hour to forty five minutes is when he is in someone's arms. Even when he's in someone arms, he is restless and twitches.
This is such a difference for us, when he was a month old he would sleep at least 10 hours straight.
Has anyone dealt with this? Anyone have any insight? Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Rhode Island area? We are at wits end now. We want our son to be able to sleep with no problems again. Not be put down for a half an hour and be awake again.
5ylver responded:
Is he sick? My daughter has Febrile seizures, those are fever related seizures. Each time she's gotten a temp so high, I've taken her to the hospital. She would either have a seizure at home or she'd have it at the hospital while being treated fro the high temp (they test for infection, which last time was my suspicion but since she had a seizure there, that was the main focus of the ER visit.) If they haven't mentioned Febrile seizures perhaps you should mention it at your next Dr. visit. I hope this helps, even though I was not able to answer all of your questions. Goodluck
orin34 responded:
I had a student in my class once with a history very similar to what you are describing. They couldn't explain his either and he never ended up having them again.....
This particular child wasn't exactly "normal" though. He was very "slow" in development and did everything really late.

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