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    Carseat Recommendations
    kristi_alexander posted:
    My one year old is 21 pounds. We still have him rear-facing in the car but his infant carseat is too little. We have been looking online at the different seat options and are completely overwhelmed! We bought Safety 1st Alpha Omega seat and he seems to like it but we are having problems with getting it level in my SUV. It is also extremely loose and wiggles from side to side. We have stuffed towels under the seat and my husband is a fanatic about correct installation yet we still have the problem. Anyone out there have any suggestions on other convertible seats that they have had luck with? Thanks in advance!
    orin34 responded:
    Make sure you read the labels carefully. We were told by our pediatrician that all 3 in ones can be rear facing.... NOT TRUE. Apparently we bought one of the few that don't. (Graco Nautilus) It is a great seat, I love it... I love the cup holder, I love that the armrests have little cubbies inside... it has nice son is very comfortable in this seat.
    My son is now almost two and we have him forward facing... we waited the standard one year to turn him to forward but wow... I felt really bad for the poor little guy at around ten months, his knees were practically up to his
    If you are concerned about installation...You can take your car seat to your local police or fire station to get it installed correctly... I think the hospital might do it too. Does the carseat you are using work with the "LATCH" system? The nautilus can work with the belt.... or with the latch system (thats what we have it on) and it is VERY secure
    Ihgirl1066 replied to orin34's response:
    love the graco my ride 65. We used it rear facing for my son from 5 months til 10 months when we turned him around. we have a ford escape and it fits nicely in there, no issuse with it not being lever or moving from side to side.
    phoenix31674 responded:
    Contact the police or fire about car seat installation. They have experts.

    I have the Alpha Omega and have loved it. We got it for DD and are using it with DS. He's 15 months and we've still got him rear facing. I had no problem leveling it in our Charger and I'm using it in a Ford rental now. It's sort of a mini-van, but we're in Europe now, so there's no American equivalent, but the seats are bench type.

    I have found the best way to get it in tight is to put your knee on it and pull the strap tight. I did this and it does not wiggle at all. Depending on which side of the vehicle you have it attached, this might be a two person job.

    Are you using it front or rear facing? That can make a difference as can whether you have the base on or off. We used it front facing in our Mustang, but because of the deep buckets of the rear seats, we have to take the base off to use it there. I can use the base in all positions in the Charger.

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