brushing 21 month teeth
island_baby posted:
any tips on how to get the tooth brush in the mouth. I started brushing my son at 4-6 months, but just in the last two weeks, he refuses the tooth brush. He will take it and sort of brush, but he will not let me get there. I try all kind of games and tricks, but nothing works. i have tried in the bath tub while he plays, right after the bath tub while he plays with sink. letting him have one and me do one...nothing. He only has a very watered down organic apple juice every other day in the morning and eats healthy snacks. no sip cup of milk or juice right before bed, just some plain water.

any suggestions for a strong headed boy with tooth brushing. I have even tried to hold him down, but the crying makes me feel bad it just destroys the whole evening.
alwayssmile responded:
My DD was exactly like that until i finally figured out that i should try putting toothpaste on the toothbrush. She loves the taste of it and lets me brush her teeth. I bought the organic toothpaste. Earth's Best toddler toothpaste. The strawberry and banana flavor. It is safe if swallowed. I think the reason toddlers don't want their teeth being brushed is because their back molars are coming out and it hurts. So something flavored distracts them. Hope the toothpaste idea works! Best of Luck!