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This week stinks
orin34 posted:
I am so ready for this week to be over, so HAPPY FRIDAY. I am a substitute and I had a teacher cancel a sub job at an hour before I was supposed to show up. I had already dropped him off at day care and paid for the day so that is $40 out of my pocket that I won't be getting back since I didn't work that day! Thats just RUDE, if someone is going to cancel at least do it days in advance so I have an opportunity to possibly get a different job (this was a prearranged assignment that was accepted WEEKS ago). Leaving me hanging and jobless at the last minute is a horrible thing to do.
And here is my personal favorite.....I fractured my wrist! I was cleaning the carpet and I tripped over my son when I stepped back. He fell and in order to avoid landing on him I had to twist my body and land on my shoulder and wrist.....I hurt all over.The things we do to keep our little ones safe..... I could have landed safely I am sure but not with a guarantee that I wouldn't land ON him, it would have been too close to his little's amazing that when it comes down to it that my first instinct is to seriously injure myself instead of possibly hurting DS.

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