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Teething 1 yr molars and really bad diaper rash!
krazykatt707 posted:
My DD is getting in her one year molars and is miserable. She had some discomfort from previous teeth but these ones are being little buggers! She has hematomas on all four places where the molars are coming in (and they're going down now thank goodness) and she is really cranky. A few days ago I noticed a rashy patch on her "girl parts" and put some A&D oitment on it. Well, it has since spread and is now a huge bleeding rash despite trying everything on it, butt paste, aquaphor, A&D etc. And her whole diaper area is red and inflamed. She is so miserable. : ( I feel so awful for her! We haven't changed diaper brands or soaps. We did recently put her on milk, she was on soy formula as an infant so could it be her lactose intolerance again? I did do some reading and it sounds like this happens alot with molars though my son never had this issue. Ideas?
Rachel(27), DH(28), Jon Roland(5), Kira Elizabeth(1)
orin34 responded:
Awwww, poor girl.
My son got a rash when his molars came in... and yay, we have another set to look forward too!
When he was going through the rash I kept his bottom and "boy parts" as clean and DRY as possible.I also changed him frequently so he wasn't sitting in "wet".
I also gave him three or four baths a day (I know this deviates from the dry thing, but it soothed his skin and I made sure to pat dry afterwords and I let him run around naked for a few minutes). I put a little baking soda in with the bath water.
krazykatt707 replied to orin34's response:
I've been changing her diaper frequently, patting her dry and slathering on LOTS of butt paste after every diaper change. It's been getting better. But now she has this terrible dry cough! I've heard that can be from all the drool? I don't remember my son ever going through any of these issues so this is new for me!
Rachel(27), DH(28), Jon Roland(5), Kira Elizabeth(1)
RoseLynn02 replied to krazykatt707's response:
It sounds like your LO has an external yeast infection. I know your last post was 2 days ago, but if you're still struggling with this try lotrimin or CVS brand clotrimazole (which is the same thing, just generic). Yes it does say that its uses are for the treatment of athletes foot & ring worm, but it is also used for external yeast infections in children. My youngest DD seems to get this type of yeast infection every time new teeth start coming in. Also, if your baby is use to soy rather than milk than I would stick with the soy. Milk causes constipation & hard bowel movements in children with lactose sensitivity & that can cause fissures (little tears or cuts in rectum) which just brings painful bowel movements & occasionally blood. Sorry your LO is going through all's hard to watch them in pain even when you know they will be just fine.
krazykatt707 replied to RoseLynn02's response:
Thanks a bunch. It turned out to indeed be a yeast rash. She's been off and on antibiotics for ear infections since the beginning of the year. The dr gave me some Nystatin and I've found that mixing it with hydrocortisone cream and aquaphor into a paste works really well.
Rachel(27), DH(28), Jon Roland(5), Kira Elizabeth(1)

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