mommatash10 posted:
My 2 year old daughter sweats a lot while sleeping. Is that normal? it could be cool in the house and she still sweats her hair is always soaked. she hardly ever uses a blanket. Does anyone know what causes it or is it normal?
kay_kay75 responded:
My daughter and I sleep the same way, my body temp goes up at night and I have never been able to use blanket sleepers with my daughter, I don't think there is anything wrong with it maybe mention it to your doctor on her next appointment. Has she always been this way or is this something new?
mommatash10 replied to kay_kay75's response:
She has always been like this. She sweats all the time. Even when she uses a fan at night.
kay_kay75 replied to mommatash10's response:
Yep me too, I have talked to the doctor about it before for myself and they just said it was nothing that it might just be normal for me but nothing to worry about.