18 month old not eating
njohndeere24 posted:
My family moved to Poland within the last year and my child has stopped eating regular food. He refuses to eat anything but yogurt, corn, bread, cereal, and a cream of wheat kind of cereal. When we first moved here he ate everything for the first two or three months and has now stopped. I need some help to get him out of this stage. He needs meats and veggies and I have tried everything. HELP!
orin34 responded:
You could always puree the meat and veggies since he seems to like that consistency better but I wouldn't bother. Another thing you might want to think about is teething. If he has teeth coming in then his gums are likely inflamed and eating stuff like meat might hurt his mouth.
I always give my son a healthy and balanced plate. Some days he eats meat.... sometimes not..... he eats a lot of fruit and not so much on the veggies. It all evens out in the end. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
krazykatt707 responded:
I agree with orin on this one. I think she is totally right. and if it's a stage, there's not a whole lot you can do to make him "get out of it". He'll move past it on his own. It's pretty normal for kids his age to suddenly develop really picky or strange eating habits (like only eating certian colored food) The more you make an issue of it, the worse it will get. It will stress him out and possibly create a power struggle between you two. Continue to offer him a variety of foods along with his favorites. if he doesn't eat, don't worry about it. Kids will not starve themselves. Toddlers typically eat less anyway since they don't grow as much as babies do. If you're worried, talk with his dr. As long as he's not loosing weight or malnutritioned, he'll be fine. You can also ask about putting him on a multivitamin and/or something like pediasure.
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