my one year old chewing
An_245786 posted:
I have been trying to get my one year old to eat big boy food. Some times he eats it. When I put food in his mouth he leaves his mouth open for a long time. I give him apple slices and fries when we do go to mcdonalds. I have tryed puting food down for him to pick up and eat all he does is make a huge mess. I am getting flustrated at him and im gettign stressed. I don't know what else to do.
wmatto83 responded:
I know it is fustrating and then to top it off it takes forever for them to eat lol! Well my little guy just started this past week to eat everything I put down in front of him before that I would give him green beans one day he would gobble them up next day push them away and refuse to eat them. I was told it takes a awhile for them to figure out there taste buds and consistency of the food is hard for them too. It does take some serious patience tho lol! All I can say is the doctor told me that no child will starve themself when they are hunger they will eat. So I would recommend to you try to make sure he is awake for at least 15 mins or more before eating, try not to give him milk or juice before letting him eat and make sure he is sitting in a high chair at the table watching you eat as well. Also take bits off his tray and put it in your mouth and see YUM!!!! This works great with my little guy to get him to eat.