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If not chickenpox, then what???
MrsAnderson0602 posted:
My son is 15 months and got the varicella vaccine at his 12 month well child check. Over the past few days he has developed these red bumps on his legs and arms, primarily. He also has a few on his back and tummy and one on his forehead. He isn't scratching at all and doesn't seem to be bothered by the outbreak. A few on his legs have popped and turned crusty, but some on his arms have gone away without doing so. I know that getting the vaccine doesn't mean that he'll never have the chickenpox, but what's really confusing me is the fact that he isn't even attempting to scratch the bumps and some of them have gone away without popping and turning crusty. Any ideas???
wmatto83 responded:
I know around here (PA) what we have going around is Hoof and Mouth disease. And The way you describe it that is what is sounds like. I don't want to scare you tho so many check with your doc. Another if it is extremely hot where you are which I think most of the US is extremely hot right now maybe prickley heat? Good Luck!
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