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Sleep Training 1 year old
An_247136 posted:
Need some advice! My daughter is just shy of a year and a half and we had trouble sleep training when she was younger. She liked to be swaddled and rocked to sleep and when I would lay her down sleepy she would cry and get more and more angry. We would do this for hours and I finally gave up after a few days of this. So we continued to swaddle and rock her to sleep. Last night I got her sleepy and laid with her until she fell asleep. She initially cried for a few minutes but calmed down when she saw I was still there and went to sleep. Am I on the right track?
kay_kay75 responded:
I have a 19 month old, I still hold her and rock her to sleep, I don't see any issue with this as I don't think it causes any harm. Granted she is my only child (for the time being) but I enjoy my cuddle time with her since I know it won't be long and she won't want to even sit on my lap. I would only caution about laying with her as you don't fall asleep since that can be dangerous but if you want to hold and rock her I say go for it! You and your daughter are the decision makers in this process and if you are both good with it then do what you have been doing. No reason to change
quintessa2 responded:
Hi! I had the same issue with my son until he was 12 months. He was always a terrible sleeper. Needing to be rocked waking several times a night. In the end what I did was sleep across the hall from him in our guest room. He could see that I was there and it helped a lot. When he would wake I would lay him down and rub his back or rock him until he fell back asleep. Sometimes he would wake and look for me then go back to sleep. Eventually he slept longer and longer stretches until he slept through the night. The process took about 3-4 weeks but was well worth it. Before then I was getting a maximum of four hours of sleep a night and sleeping on the couch so I didn't wake daddy. Now He goes down by himself and will not let me rock him. It's a miracle! I don't know if this will work for you but it sounds like kind of the same problem. Worth a try!

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