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Stacie1517 posted:
My 21 month old has been battling a fever since Wednesday. For the first few days it didn't go above 99.5. Yesterday and today she's been getting up to 101. Those temps were taken with a forehead swipe thermometer. She hasn't been eating very well and isn't drinking as much fluids as she usually does. She's also had a runny/stuffy nose. Her actions are even different. She's one who won't lay down anywhere for a nap that's not her own bed in her room and she's been laying down on the floor and falling asleep on the couch. I took her to see a pediatrician (not her pediatrician but another one in the same clinic) on Thursday and she said to just keep alternating between Motrin and Tylenol. I can't seem to get her fever to completely break because it comes back after about 4 hours of giving her the Tylenol. Should I be worried?
Anon_3162 responded:
Are you rotating between the Motrin and Tylenol? In order words don't let one wear off before giving her the next. Also start with Motrin, it's better at fighting fevers than tylenol. I've attached a good link to follow. 101 isn't that really high of a fever and she could be teething. What color is her snoot? If it's clear, it's probably teething. Despite what my pediatrician told us, both of my child get low grade fevers and stuffy noses while teething. Also, if her fever isn't down by tomorrow I'd just call to see if they want to see her again.
oboingo76 responded:
I am sure your LO is better by now but in case anyone else comes here with the same concern, my DD had a fever for 5 days. We saw the Dr and he said it's just a virus that's been going around. Her fever finally broke last night but was getting into the 102 and 103 range. It was accompanied by a cough and runny nose but no infections.

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