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1 yr old that won't nap.... help please.
An_251851 posted:
I am a licensed child care provider in CA. I've care for a little lady... from 6-9 mths old & she recently came back to me a few weeks ago... now a year old.

I am a mother of 3 & have not had this issue with any of my children (or other child care children) so I do not know how to address it.

From 6-9 mths she would not nap, unless I was holding her ALL the time, if I swaddled her & rocked her to sleep. Letting her rest for 5 mins... I'd put her in playpen to sleep & she'd wake up. I was worried about it then & documented everything. I asked Mom to speak to her ped for guidance for us on how to address or for her to let me know how she (Mom) wants me to tackle.

Well now at a year of age.... Mom tells me she naps 2x day. The little girl has been back with me 2 wks. I've been able to get her to sleep a few times. Though... I now have other infants in care & cannot spend all the time the little girl wants holding her thru a nap.

The little girl will rub her eyes, zone out & lay on the playroom floor. But if I put her down in playpen, rub her back...she'll zone out...dozing off & I'll walk away. She'll whine (no tears). After 2 weeks...I attempted to test her today.... which Mom told me she woke up at 530 this nap attempted at 930 she whined for 30 minutes no sleep. PM nap @ 130... whined for 5 mins & finally dozed off...she slept for 30 mins & my husbands cell phone went off waking her....she whined for the next 30 mins.

Is allowing an infant to whine (no tears) abuse & any advice or stories to share would be appreciated? I really don't care if the little girl naps....but it seems strange to me & the little girl is really sensitive if she doesn't nap. Plus I DON'T want to face any allegations of abuse.

My main question is how long is too long to let her whine. I don't want to hurt her in any way... but reading online I'm seeing she has not learn how to self sooth, hence letting her go for a little bit today.

I shared this with Mom today... she's gonna try to bring in some stuff from the infants bed to help comfort her.

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