1 Year Old with Tummy Troubles
landonet posted:
Hi all,
My DS is 1 year old. I switched him to whole milk on his birthday (5/9). Before being on whole milk, he was on Enfamil AR, which s milk based, with no problems. I've noticed some small red bumps around his mouth and chin this last month, but I assumed that it was from drooling and teething (he has been a teething monster!). His bowel movements have been like a yellow color since switching to whole milk and much looser. On Monday night, he started throwing up. He's been throwing up off and on all week (Monday night, Wednesday night, and Friday night). We've been giving him pedialite to keep him hydrated. He hasn't wanted to eat the last couple of days, either. Tonight, while giving him a bath, my husband and I noticed the red bumps have spread to his chest and back. His stools are still really loose (no blood) and he is really whiny and uncomfortable. Because it's a Friday night, I can't get in to the doctor until at least Monday, so any suggestions or help you could give me would be appreciated! I don't know if it's a stomach flu, if it's a dairy intolerance, or what's going on. Help please! Thanks
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I hope you were able to take him and have him examined. It sounds like a combo of intolerance and a bug. Best wishes.