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Bottle to Sip Cup Issues
Cristin74 posted:
It's always been a challenge to get DS to drink enough milk, so we kept him on the bottle past his 12 month birthday because I thought it more important to get nutrition in than break the habit. Around 15 months we got him to drink milk from the cup - YAY! - until he got sick with the flu. While he was sick, he refused to drink anything, so we went back to the bottle just to get fluids in him. Once he got better he would drink juice from a sip cup, but milk only from the bottle. Then, he got sick again. Now he refuses anything in a sip cup. He will only drink milk, and only from a bottle. I'm so frustrated, because if he had never gotten the flu, I wouldn't be posting here. He needs fluids, and I don't know what else to do other than keep switching up sip cups, straw cups, regular cups...all with the same result! No judgements please, just helpful tips. TIA
hgreenwood7058 responded:
No judging here. I have the same issue. Carson is 14.5mo and he doesn't get juice. He gets milk or water. Its hit and miss on getting him to use sippy's or cups. we just keep at it. But if he is hungry/thirsty for milk he needs fluids and I am not going to deny him on that. Just be sure to brush his teeth. And keep working at the sippy. When he is ready he will show you.
nicolelopez21 responded:
We had problems getting our son to a sippy from a bottle.. we tried several different sippy cups and had no luck. We did realize that he liked the "sucking" on the nipple.. which sippys (even soft spouted ones) didn't provide. My friend suggested the Nuk Active Cup (they are blue with a turtle on them) which has a soft spout that is a lot like a bottle nipple. That gave him the sucking while getting him used to a sippy... he used those for about 2 months and now he doesn't care which sippy cup he gets for milk. The same thing happened with my friend. So that's a good transition cup, might be worth a try.

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