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Being pregnant while caring for a toddler
rjko5 posted:
Hi! I have a 16 month old son and he's wonderful! My husband wants to have another one, which is great. I do want another child, but I'm nervous about being pregnant again! Going through all the aches and pains while caring for my son just sounds horrible!

I also had morning sickness until 20 weeks with my son. How am I going to do that with a toddler? I won't be able to take naps in the evening like I did the first time, etc.

Has anyone been through a pregnancy with a toddler? Any advice? Help...I'm scared!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I am working on that right now lol. My son will be 17 months at the end of this month and I am now 7 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy does seem a bit different with regards to morning sickness. I am still all day nauseas and I do get sick but not as bad as my pregnancy with my son where even with prescription antiemtic meds I was still getting sick several times a day and I took was about 22 weeks before it got better. Each pregnancy is different. Fatigue. Oh boy. Thats still a bad one for me and I feel out of it most of the time right now.I go to bed within about 30 minutes of my son (so around 9 or 9:30. 10ish at the latest and by then I am a zombie). And on the weekends I will try and take a nap at the same time as him (I work during the week and its kind of frowned upon sleeping at your desk during the week haha.). I know it will get harder as I get further because I am very small framed and my son already feels like a moose to me lol (he is a little over 27lb and 32.5" tall or thereabouts and I am 4'11). And so I know with a big ole belly its going to be hard to pack him around which is where hubby is going to have to come in hand. I too had the same worry as you. Learning as I go. I figured billions of people do it all the time so I can too haha. (my sister is two years younger and she is pregnant with her 4th child. First two are 2 years apart, then 14 months apart between the middle and youngest and then the next will be 22 months apart). Just takes some adjustments. Best wishes

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